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Designing a Dreamy Kids’ Playroom and Arts & Crafts Space

Designing a Dreamy Kids' Playroom and Arts & Crafts Space

When we first envisioned our loft, it was clear that this space would become the vibrant heart of our home, especially for our three creative kids. As we all adapted to the challenges of the pandemic, our loft transformed into a multifunctional oasis, serving as both a dedicated workspace and an arts and crafts wonderland for our young ones.

The Multifunctional Marvel – How to Design A Playroom + Arts and Craft Space for Your Kids

Our loft is a bustling hub of activity, second only to the kitchen in terms of daily use. Initially intended as a remote learning center during the pandemic, it has seamlessly transitioned into a space where our kids continue to excel in their studies and indulge their artistic passions.

The loft boasts three neatly arranged desks, each personalized for our young scholars. From writing assignments to scientific experiments, these workstations are equipped with everything they need for academic success. The desks are paired with sleek drawers, thoughtfully organized with supplies, ensuring that every pen, pencil, and paperclip has its designated place.

But it’s not just about academics; our loft is a place where creativity reigns supreme. This space allows our kids to explore their artistic talents, fueling their imagination and enabling endless artistic adventures.

Craft Central - Kids Playroom Inspiration & Organization

The loft seamlessly marries functionality with creativity, making it the perfect place for our kids to indulge in arts and crafts. A round coffee table serves as their artistic epicenter, surrounded by cozy floor pillows. These pillows not only provide comfortable seating but also tuck neatly under the table when the crafting frenzy subsides.

Crafting is serious business in our home, which is why organization is key. We’ve chosen the Pottery Barn Cameron Wall 3 open base set to keep our creative supplies tidy and accessible. This system features these wicker baskets from Target in the lower open spaces, perfect for housing a plethora of art essentials. In the upper open compartments, we’ve placed these wire bins from Target as well, ideal for grouping smaller items together.

I also adore these hooks from Antropologie that the kids use to hang their bags upon returning from school each day. Not only are the sturdy and great quality, but they’re the initials of each of my kids so they all have their own designated spot for their school bags. 

Within the cabinets, we employ these stackable containers from Michaels that serve as dedicated homes for specific art supplies and use these metal bin labels to keep everything visible and organized. Our philosophy is simple: when everything has a designated spot, it’s easier to maintain order and foster creativity. To make identification a breeze, we’ve adorned our bins and baskets with metal labels.

Essentials for A Kids Arts and Craft Space

In our loft, inspiration knows no bounds. Here are some of my kids’ favorite arts and crafts supplies and activities:

  1. Orbeez Sensory Play: These mesmerizing water beads are a sensory delight. They come in various colors and can be used in countless craft projects, adding a captivating tactile dimension to creativity.
  2. Play-Doh Extravaganza: Play-Doh has been a timeless favorite in our loft. With endless possibilities, it encourages imaginative play and allows our kids to craft mini masterpieces.
  3. Watercolor Dual-Tip Markers: For budding artists, these markers offer the perfect medium to explore the world of painting. Their dual tips allow for both fine details and broad strokes, making them versatile tools for young creators.
  4. Craft Kits for Kids: Craft kits, like the ones by Carl & Kay, provide hours of entertainment. From jewelry making to constructing mini masterpieces, they ignite our children’s inventive spark.
  5. Acrylic Paint Sets: These paint sets by Craft Smart are a staple for our loft’s art corner. With a vibrant array of colors, our kids can bring their artistic visions to life on canvas or paper.

Create A Special Space For Your Kids' Imagination to Run Wild

Our loft’s transformation into a dynamic and organized playroom and arts & crafts space is an homage to the power of creative design and thoughtful organization. This vibrant, multipurpose area has become a sanctuary for our children, where they excel in their studies, explore their artistic passions, and, most importantly, enjoy endless hours of fun.

In these ever-evolving times, where adaptability is key, our loft stands as a reminder that with a little planning, creativity, and the right supplies, any space can become a haven of inspiration. So, embrace your inner DIY spirit, explore your child’s artistic inclinations, and create a space where imagination can run wild, just like your child! Your home can be the ultimate canvas for a world of creativity. Happy crafting!

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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