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Halloween Party Inspiration: How We Brought Spooky to Bella’s Home

Bella's Halloween Boo Bash


Event Planning & Design: @eventsbypinsandpetals

Videography: @thegeraldchua

Balloon Art: @confettigirl_


Lighting: @amospro

DJ: @robbierich

Graze: @charmingfigcatering

Boba: @bobablissofficial

Desserts: @jtthesweetspot

Rentals: @stuarteventrentals

Draping: @joesquaredproductions

Photographer: @melaniesammiscreative

When Bella, a previous client from Bella’s Club Theme Party: A Vibrant Summer Kickoff, approached us with the idea of a Halloween celebration for her and her friends, we were thrilled to transform her home into a ghoulishly grand Halloween party. This time, Bella gave us carte blanche to craft a spooky spectacle that would haunt the memories of her guests. The result? A Halloween party that was nothing short of freaky.

The moment you approached Bella’s house, you knew you were in for a treat. The front was adorned with an eerie abundance of balloons, each one more spine-tingling than the last, with skulls and skeletons lurking in their midst. The side of the house was decorated in a sea of Halloween lights that danced and flickered to spooky tunes, setting the tone for what was next.

As guests crossed the threshold, they found themselves in a dance area that was draped in inky black velvet, a stark contrast to the pristine all-white dance floor. The floor came alive with spectral images, adding an extra layer of spookiness to every dance step.

Leaving the dance area, the guests were greeted by the word “BOO” in large marquee letters, framed by a multitude of balloons in sinister hues of black, purple, and gray. A colossal balloon spider, its creepy legs swaying and glowing in the dark, loomed overhead, casting an eerie glow over the pool. The pool was outlined with an array of glass hurricanes, each housing flickering candles that danced like lost souls on the water.

Balloon artistry took center stage with a headstone marked “RIP,” from which six feet of balloons burst forth, a playful yet eerie nod to the macabre. A sprawling balloon garland adorned the bar where non-alcoholic drinks flowed freely, with a motley crew of skulls, skeletons, body parts, and spray-painted black baby balloons adding to the unsettling atmosphere.

The sounds of our DJ filled the air with everyone’s favorite dance music, keeping the guests moving and grooving. But what’s a Halloween party without equally spine-chilling sustenance? The food was presented as an elaborate grazing table, brimming with a variety of treats. Gross and spooky decor were tastefully tucked in between the delectable dishes. Bloody fingers, loose eyeballs, spiders, and skulls lurked among the culinary delights.

Desserts were both fun and festive, featuring black candied apples with eerily twig-like sticks, Oreo pops shaped like Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, black and white meringue kisses, pretzel rods fashioned as bloody fingers, and cupcakes that resembled shards of bloody glass, offering a taste of the macabre.

To keep the atmosphere chill, we had Boba Bliss on hand, serving up delectable boba in Halloween-themed colors. The party wouldn’t have been complete without a fog machine to add an extra layer of spookiness and a photo booth to capture all the thrilling moments.

The Spookiest Boo Bash

As the night wore on, Bella’s Halloween bash proved to be a hauntingly unforgettable experience with a little help of creativity and a sprinkle of eerie magic. The dance floor continued to boom with energy as the DJ played infectious beats, and laughter filled the air as guests posed for photos in the bewitching photobooth, capturing their sinisterly delightful costumes and joyous moments. From the flicker of candlelight on the graze table to the sinister elegance of the poolside setup, this Halloween party was a perfect blend of chills and thrills. Bella’s party became a spellbinding adventure when we dared to think outside the coffin – uh, I mean, box. So, let this Halloween party be an inspiration that there’s magic in every moment and enchantment in every event, waiting for you to conjure it.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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