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Holland’s Groovy 9th Birthday Party

Holland's Hippie-Hop Bash: A Groovy, Daisy-Infused 9th Birthday!

~ Welcome to my daughter Holland’s world of flower power and disco vibes ~

Holland, our baby. She has a heart of gold and is the sweetest girl to everyone. But don’t let that fool you – she is tough, fearless, very determined. When we were in the initial stages of planning her party, she put together a presentation for me that included three different theme ideas. Each theme had its own packet, or a “vision board”, if you will. And in this packet, she sketched all of her ideas from activities to decor to dessert – very thorough, just like her mom. Holland loves helping plan her own birthday parties and is an avid user of Pinterest, too.

She even texted our dear friend, Jen with The Sweet Spot, all by herself to place her dessert order and described everything she wanted, how she wanted it. And because she is such a kind friend, she even made sure to request macarons for one of her friends who has celiac. Holland loves music and goes around the house singing and dancing so having a DJ and dance floor was super important to her. If you know Holland then you know her years-long obsession with the Jonas Brothers, which was her 7th birthday celebration: going to see them in concert with a few of her closest friends.

Holland’s 9th birthday this year fell on the day after Labor Day which posed a unique challenge as most of her friends were out of town and the summer heat around this time usually gets pretty rough, but mother nature had different plans for us this year – it was cold, overcast, and even started to rain. However, like the dedicated event planning mom I am, not even the unpredictable California weather could stop us from giving her the grooviest 9th birthday in town!


Vendor List:

Balloons & Backdrops: @biancajavierentals

Dancefloor: @amospro

DJ: @djworkssf

Signage: @handletteredbytiffany

Desserts: @jtthesweetspot

Florals: @lc_floral

Goodie Bags: @v_niche_designs

Disco Balls: @handjflowers


Hippie Vibes and Daisy Dreams

Luckily, the sun paid us all a visit for this celebration and Holland’s 9th birthday party design bloomed into the fun vision she had of a hippie and daisy themed party. Holland had a special request for a dance floor equipped with a skillful DJ to keep her and her friends movin’ and groovin’ all day. As her and her friends danced to the rhythm of groovy tunes, Holland’s wish for a Hippie & Daisy themed bash came to vibrant life.

The festivities took off with a sparkling LED dance floor and the mesmerizing beats spun by the Bay Area’s finest DJ, DJ Works SF. Holland and her close-knit group of friends had a blast on the dance floor with some really fun dancing games that resulted in cool prizes, turning her bash into a disco fantasy.

Disco Balls and Flowery Decor

For the decor, I made sure to stay true to Holland’s requests of hippie and daisy themed party decorations. Thanks to my friend Hylary with H and J Flowers who graciously loaned us her super funky disco ball vases, we were able to infuse the party with a retro flare. Laura from LC Floral accessorized the disco ball vases with daisies and baby’s breath, putting a special touch of floral bliss on the celebration.

Activities spread well beyond the dancefloor that thrilled Holland’s friends and kept them entertained throughout the celebration. They had a plethora of activities to choose from such as creating flower power sunglasses, crafting beaded friendship bracelets, and painting charming flower and peace sign wreaths. Amidst the lively beats and friendly dance competition, these crafty undertakings kept the spirits as high as the summer sun.

Cotton Candy Dreams and Spritz Bar Elegance

I put together a grazing table which offered a delectable medley for both kids and adults, teasing their taste buds before the grand cake-cutting spectacle. My dear friend, Jen Thenemann with The Sweet Spot used her artistic genius and crafted a stunning two-tiered cake with an array of delightful macarons and exquisitely decorated cookies on the side to delight the young and young-at-heart.

No hippie and daisy themed birthday would be complete without a cotton candy machine which was my son Hudson’s personal favorite as he enjoyed manning it and sharing the sweets with everyone. For the grown-ups, I added a Spritz bar for a touch of sophistication to the otherwise young and free spirited birthday party. We had two choices of having either an Aperol Spritz and a Hugo Spritz (which I cannot stop thinking about!).

Balloons, Backdrops, and Daisy Swag

Bianca with Bianca Javier Events brought the space to life with a kaleidoscope of vibrant balloons and mesmerizing backdrops, transforming the venue into a truly psychedelic wonderland, fit for my Holland. It was better than we could’ve imagined.

For every party we host, I always love adding gift bags or party favors, so it was only right to customize some daisy swag for Holland’s friends. With the help of V Niche Designs, they created a daisy-printed tote with each of the girls’ names on it. Inside each custom tote bag was a DIY bead keychain kit, a customized bookmark, a lipgloss, daisy printed hair ties, and some daisy shaped lollipops!

Growing Up in Groove

As Holland crossed into her 9th year, the moments during this Hippie and Daisy themed birthday party certainly became a core memory for my sweet girl. It’s hard to believe that she’s almost to double digits because I still see her as my baby girl. Among the DJ mix, craft activities, and dance games, she reveled in a whirlwind of giggles and grooves, cherishing the blossoming friendships that colored her groovy day. I can’t wait for what she requests for her birthday next year! Until then, we’ll continue celebrating her for 9 trips around the sun.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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