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Rustic Wedding Elegance: Katie & Nick’s Enchanting Celebration at Ruby Hill

A Day of Timeless Beginnings

Love stories are often weaved from the threads of time-honored traditions and contemporary elegance. In the heart of Pleasanton, the union of Katie and Nick unfolded, a perfect representation to the beauty of simple sophistication paired with a touch of rustic charm.

Vendor List:

Wedding Planner: @eventsbypinsandpetals

Photographer: @esztertimeaphotography

Venue: @rubyhillevents

Table Rentals: @wildwoodrusticrentals

Florist: @sweetpeasfloraldesigns

Signage: @222designs_

Rentals: @pleasantonrentals

Videographer: @amospro

Cake: @primrosebakery

Cookie Wall: @jtthesweetspot

The Sacred Embrace: A Catholic Mass and a Touching First Look

The ceremony, a Catholic Mass at a local church, was a delicate dance between the sacred and the personal. Here, in the sanctity of this hallowed space, Katie and Nick embarked on their journey together. The grace of the service was amplified by the bride’s choice of simplicity and elegance, exuding from the soft palette of blush, ivory, and gold that adorned her gown.

What truly marked the beginning of this enchanted day was the emotional first look shared between the bride and her father. A private moment that transcended time, with a meaningful exchange of a precious necklace, an embodiment of a father’s love and support.

An Elegant Emerald Reception: Rustic Splendor at Ruby Hill in Pleasanton, CA

Emerald green, the accent color chosen by Katie, added a touch of vibrancy to the gentle color scheme. The bridesmaids, adorned in their emerald gowns, carried elegant bouquets of white and the softest shades of pink, resonating with the subtle hues of the wedding.

At the picturesque reception hosted at Ruby Hill in Pleasanton, an ambiance of rustic allure met the refined elegance the couple desired. The exquisitely designed signage, ornate mirrors encased in intricate gold frames, gracefully adorned the reception space, setting the stage for a night of delightful celebration.

The newlyweds, seated at a beautifully adorned sweetheart table, were surrounded by their closest family and friends. Rustic farm tables dressed in blush organza runners and cascading garlands of verdant foliage added a charming touch to the reception.

Guests, seated at round tables, were met with an array of stunning floral arrangements in crystal compote vases, each complemented by the soft flickering glow of votive candles. The other tables boasted floating candles, each flicker casting a gentle illumination on petite floral accents.

Playful Sophistication and Timeless Sweetness

Katie and Nick, known for their playful spirits, presented custom cornhole boards, encouraging guests to partake in the joyous celebration. Laughter and lighthearted merriment filled the air as friends and family indulged in this unique and charming activity.

The simplicity of the wedding cake, a pristine all-white three-tier, was accentuated by delicate floral details, a true reflection of the couple’s taste and style.

Adding a sprinkle of sweetness to the evening were the delectable offerings from the groom’s grandmother. Her famous cookies, made with love, shared the limelight with Jen from The Sweet Spot, who contributed iced monogram sugar cookies and delightful rice krispies. These mouthwatering treats found their place on a custom shelf wall, a testament to the groom’s craftsmanship and personal touch.

Cheers Katie & Nick!

Katie and Nick’s wedding wasn’t just a celebration of love, but an embodiment of cherished elegance, where contemporary touches blended seamlessly with rustic finesse. This beautiful day will forever be remembered for its heartfelt moments, its subtle sophistication, and the enduring allure of love in its purest form. 

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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