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Bella’s Club Theme Party: A Vibrant Summer Kickoff

Bella's Club Theme Party for the Start of Summer

A Summer Teenage Dream Party Takes Shapes

As California begins to heat up for the summertime, one lucky teenager, Bella, had plans to make this the best summer yet. Bella wanted to reign in the start of summer with a celebration for her and 100 of her friends. With a little bit of direction from her mother, Kelly, to make this summer kickoff bash bright and fun, we decided to to create this exciting and vibrant Club Theme Party.


Event Planning & Design: Events by Pins and Petals

Balloons: The Collective Creative Co

Rentals: Blueprint Studios

Neon Light: Little Legged Affairs

Lighting & Dancefloor: Amos Productions

DJ: Robbie Rich

Grazing table: Charming Fig Catering

Boba Bar: Boba Bliss

Edible Cookie Dough Bar: Out the Dough

Churro Bar: Churro Estilo

Signage: Ellestrations

Marquees: Bay Area Marquees

Photographer: Melanie Sammis Creative

An Invitation to the Start of Summer

With summer radiating in the air, we transformed Bella’s home into a wonderland of color, creativity, and teenage exuberance with all the fun Club Theme party ideas we could possibly think of to make this a celebration to remember. We had a blank canvas to work with and embraced the opportunity to create a playful yet tasteful affair that would capture Bella’s and her friends’ youthful essence.

Welcome to the Club, IDs please

A custom purple carpet with the words “CLUB BELLA” welcomed and led guests to the doorstep, where an evening of amusement was waiting for them. The entrance exuded an air of exclusivity, with security ID checks to ensure only the most VIP guests on the list were allowed to enter and enjoy the much anticipated excitement. Once they stepped inside, the world shifted into a realm of pulsating energy. The LED dance floor lit up with its colorful glow inviting young feet to move in rhythm with the beats heard from a nearby distance. A grass-covered wall with a bright neon sign with the words, “we run this motha,” was surely the perfect phrase to kick this club theme party off on the right note.

Club Theme Party Food and Drinks

Charming Fig Catering showcased one of their many popular services with a extravagant grazing table that was a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Sliders, mini fried chicken, and a nacho bar were just a glimpse of the club theme party food that delighted teenage taste buds. Even better? A boba bar, generously hosted by Boba Bliss, offered a trendy and fun drink option, while an edible cookie dough station and a made-to-order churro bar with numerous dipping sauces satisfied every sweet craving.

The Unique Club Theme Party Ideas

Amos Productions worked their magic and turned the yard into a booming club with lighting that painted the night with an array of hues. With the help of Blueprint Studios, we infused the space with vibrant furniture that provided chic yet comfortable lounging spaces and tall cocktail tables to complement the club theme. We also couldn’t help but reflect Bella’s vibrant personality with kaleidoscopic balloons by The Collective Creative Co adding a pop of excitement to the event. One of the best parts? No club theme party would be complete with fun club music that makes you wants to dance the night away with your friends. DJ Robbie Rich curated a playlist of beats that represented Bella’s favorite songs, igniting endless moments of dance and laughter. As a final, special surprise to Bella, we had marquee letters spell out “CLUB BELLA” and stand tall in the backyard.

The Best Summer Kickoff Party for Bella and Her Friends

In the start of summer, Bella’s Club Theme Party was the perfect kickoff for her and her friends to begin this summer vacation with a break from the norms of school. From the vibrant and unique club theme party decorations to the music that exuded with youthful energy, the summer party was a representation of the wild child spirit in each of these teens. Bella’s first day of summer had turned what could have been a ordinary start to the summer into an extraordinary celebration of moments combined with friendship, dancing, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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