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Rachel & Jake’s Private Estate Wedding in Half Moon Bay, California

A Vibrant Private Estate Wedding

California’s rolling golden hills makes for a great starting point for any wedding. The particular wedding was a special one among the thousands of private estate wedding venues in California. Rachel and Jake’s wedding took place at a private estate in Half Moon Bay, the domain of the Keen family and even graced by Mark Zuckerberg, and stood as the picturesque backdrop for their grand celebration. Guided by the expertise of Events by Pins and Petals, this wedding was a journey of colors, emotions, and exquisite details, set against the breathtaking golden hills of Half Moon Bay.



Shoes: Keen

Wedding Planning & Design: Events by Pins and Petals

Photographer: Stephanie Lynn 

Florals: Fly Girl Farm

Rentals: Wildwood Rustic Rentals

Tent & Rentals: Joe Squared Productions

Bar: The Whiskey Chaser Bar

Video: Tolman Media

Band: Lucky Devils Band

Desserts: Nana’s Home Cakery 

Custom Paper Products: Seven Oaks Envelopes

Cigar Bar: Roll A Cigar

Photo booth: What’s Up Photos

Restrooms: Luxury Restroom Rentals


Designing Rachel & Jake's Colorful Private Estate Wedding

With each step of the wedding spanning across this private estate’s lush grounds, it was evident that this celebration would be no ordinary affair. The canvas of the property, which gracefully embraced natural tones of tan and brown, was transformed into a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. Bright fuchsia, vibrant orange, sunny yellow, and lush green emerged as the palette, breathing life and energy into every corner of this private estate wedding.

A Romantic Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony for this private estate wedding unfolded on a landing strip that served as a picturesque stage for the exchange of vows. A splendid floral arch adorned with the wedding’s vibrant hues framed the couple as they stood before their loved ones. Vintage rugs paved the way, creating an aisle that meandered through a sea of emotions, leading to promises that would shape a lifetime.

An Elevated & Elegant Private Estate Wedding Reception

Under the expansive embrace of a charming, rustic tent specially built for the occasion by Joe Squared Productions, a world of wonders awaited the guests and the happy couple. Wood flooring spread like a luxurious dance floor underfoot, welcoming guests to a banquet of flavors and laughter. Family-style dining added an intimate touch, with farm tables adorned with gold compotes of elegant florals, each petal whispering secrets of love.

The Details of This Dreamy Wedding

Before entering the dining haven, guests were greeted with a mesmerizing display of creative elegance. The seating chart was an 8-foot chevron wall that brought to life the hues of the day through an ombre arrangement of stationery cards designed by Seven Oaks Envelopes. Each card unveiled the names of guests and their assigned tables, serving as a colorful prelude to the evening’s festivities.

As guests mingled and enjoyed each other’s company, delicious flavors danced on everyone’s taste buds thanks to Elaine Bell Catering. Oyster bars and seafood were the star of the appetizer show during cocktail hour, while a sumptuous family-style dinner presented an array of choices for guests to savor. The culinary journey was an exquisite fusion of art and taste, curated to delight every palate. 

The scrumptious meals didn’t stop there though. Dessert was the next treat for the senses. A symphony of confections mirrored the couple’s personalities with His and Hers mini cakes standing besides custom donuts and cupcakes from Nana’s Home Cakery.

As the night unfolded, the celebration flowed into the property’s hanger where guests danced beneath the stars. The Lucky Devils Band provided the heartbeat of the evening with their melodies sparking laughter and fun. Everyone began to let loose on the dance floor with feather boas flying about and even the limbo making a visit on the dance floor. 

The wedding party embraced the celebration with custom matching shoes in the signature fuchsia hue, a gift from the founders of Keen brand shoes. Each step echoed the vibrant rhythm of the day, as friends and family reveled in the shared moments that would forever color their memories.

Cheers, Rachel & Jake!

In a world often painted in muted tones, Rachel and Jake dared to dream in vibrant hues, and this private estate wedding truly embraced the beauty of their diverse palette. As glasses clinked, toasts were raised, and hearts overflowed with happiness, the air was charged with the promise of a love story that would continue to evolve, enriching each day with its colorful brushstrokes.

So here’s to Rachel and Jake, a couple whose journey began in the embrace of fuchsia, orange, yellow, and green, and whose path would be painted in even more vivid shades. May your life together be a canvas of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Cheers to the vibrant beginnings, the cherished memories, and the love that knows no boundaries. Just as the stars twinkled above Half Moon Bay, may your love story shine even brighter.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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