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A Beltane Ranch Wedding for Grace and Strother

A Timeless Wedding at Beltane Ranch in Sonoma, CA

In the heart of enchanting California wine country, a love story blossomed that spanned across miles and hearts. Grace and Strother, a couple who lived in Chicago and are as unique as they are united, entrusted me with the privilege of crafting a wedding that would weave their essence into every detail. Grace, the embodiment of elegance, was on the cusp of completing her journey toward becoming a therapist. Meanwhile, Strother navigated the currents of a demanding career. Their love served as a steadfast anchor. Their wedding, set against the stunning backdrop of Beltane Ranch, was destined to be an ode to their bond, an unspoken promise of forever.

A Nature Symphony at Beltane Ranch

Beltane Ranch, a sanctuary nestled amid the sprawling expanse of a winery, became the canvas for Grace and Strother’s love story. Their journey had led them here, where Strother had spoke the words of forever into Grace’s ear, sealing their commitment with an lovely engagement. The venue, like their love, was multi-faceted and rich in character. To honor their connection, I followed a design journey that sought to harmonize the wedding with the surrounding beauty. An elegant organic wildflower wedding theme emerged, echoing the untamed beauty of the gardens and vineyards.

Beltane Ranch Covered in a Tapestry of Florals

As a symphony of colors, the florals reflected the depth of their love. With the deft touch of H and J Flowers, the grounds were transformed into an enchanting tapestry of blooms. A special touch for the bridesmaids was added too as they opted for a more unique floral cuff instead of traditional bouquets. The ceremony site, adorned with simple yet stunning floral accents, ensured that Grace and Strother’s vows were framed by nature’s beauty. Their love stood as the focal point, embraced by the breathtaking vista behind them.

An Elegant Bridal Aesthetic

Grace, the epitome of grace itself, donned a gown that captured the essence of timeless beauty. A classic silhouette, accented with a high side slit, radiated chic simplicity. A veil adorned with cascading pearls from head to toe resembled an ethereal waterfall that framed her elegance. Against the vibrant backdrop of wildflowers, she was a true vision of beauty and serenity.

An Intimate Wedding Dinner Reception at Beltane Ranch

Guests were welcomed into Grace and Strother’s world, a world where love was woven into every detail. Sweet tea and fresh lavender lemonade flowed, a popular favorite from Elaine Bell Catering. The melodies of a trio played as guests mingled in the front lawn of Beltane Ranch. As they made their way to the back lawn, an ingenious champagne shelf seating chart was unveiled. With custom monogrammed stir sticks, guests were invited to find their table assignments while they enjoy a glass of bubbly.

Under the open sky, guests gathered at round tables draped in neutral linens, the canvas for the kaleidoscope of florals and colorful dancing candles. As the golden hues of the bridesmaids’ dresses harmonized with the vivid colors of the surroundings, the scene resembled a masterpiece come to life. A grand long head table, adorned with floral garland, united the wedding party in a celebration of friendship and love.

A Culinary Feast for the Senses

Dinner emerged as a culinary journey that delighted taste buds and bellies. The couple’s desire for a casual yet sumptuous experience came to life through multiple stations. Wood-fired pizzas emerged and their scent mingled with laughter and camaraderie. The risotto station was a treasure trove of flavors, while the carving station added a touch of opulence. The butter leaf lettuce salad, crowned with edible flowers and peas, was a symphony of color, taste, and looked like it had been plucked fresh from the garden.

A Night of Dancing at Beltane Ranch

As the day gently yielded to night, the rhythm of celebration shifted into a new tempo. An electrifying energy pervaded the air as All Star Jukebox took the stage. The couple’s love, expressed through the universal language of dance, guided every step. Beneath the luminous stars, the band played a melody that resonated with the harmonies of hearts intertwined.

Cheers, Grace & Strother!

Grace and Strother’s wedding was not just an event; it was an ode to love’s journey. The vibrant florals, the whispers of elegance, and the harmonious notes that filled the air wove a tapestry of love that stretched across time and space. As the night ended, a symphony of laughter and joy lingered in the hearts of all who were fortunate to witness this celebration of a love as enduring as the wildflowers that graced the grounds.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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