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Italian Inspired Wedding: Elizabeth & Casey’s Redwood Celebration

An Italian Inspired Wedding in the California Redwoods

Elizabeth & Casey's Romantic Redwood Wedding

Love’s journey often takes us across borders and miles, and for Elizabeth and Casey, it spanned the country. The captivating blend of law school aspirations and a demanding career put some limitations on the couple’s ability to plan their own wedding from across the country. That’s where I came in! Elizabeth’s vision for the special celebration led them to dreaming of an Italian-inspired wedding nestled amidst the redwoods. Entrusting me with their dream celebration, this sweet couple allowed every detail to fall into place seamlessly.


Vendor List:

Venue: The Boon Hotel

Hair & Makeup: Beauty on Set

Ceremony Musicians: Vybe Society

Floral: H&J Florals

DJ: Verducci Event Productions

Photography: Jasmin Kemp Photography

Cake: The Sweet Spot

Paper Goods: Seven Oaks

Dried Oranges: Citrus & Poppy


Capri Meets Redwoods

Elizabeth yearned for the spirit of the beautiful Italian island of Capri to come through within the embrace of the redwoods, and we intertwined the two beautifully. Their chosen palette, a classic symphony of blue and white, blended harmoniously with the tang of citrus accents, creating an ambiance of elegance that exuded the Italian inspired wedding E + C were going for. The Boon Hotel’s lush grounds, a tapestry of nature’s finest, became the canvas for their intimate vows. Soft and natural florals, a canvas of gentle hues, adorned the setting with the ceremony florals exuding a unique charm and an ode to love’s intricate nature. The sun-kissed bride, accompanied by her radiant bridal party, traversed the aisle to the melodies of live music.

A Table for Togetherness

Long tables drew guests close, fostering an atmosphere of intimacy, like a cherished family gathering. Amid this tranquil setting was a beautiful built-in bar that allowed for a perfect centerpiece moment of the reception. It was certainly one of my favorite details of the night. Laden with crates brimming with flowers and luscious fruits, it embodied the essence of the theme— transporting you to an Italian inspired wedding along the coast. As day transitioned to night, a lively DJ set the stage for poolside dancing, a testament to the celebration’s jubilant spirit.

From Saber to Heart

Against the backdrop of towering redwoods, the bride wielded a Navy Officer’s saber to cut the cake—a captivating moment, a blend of tradition and personal significance. The bridal party, adorned in hues of blue and white, echoed the theme, their attire a testament to the couple’s vision. The Boon hotel, with its serene allure, witnessed the unfolding of this timeless story. The guest list, comprising a mere 66 cherished souls, maintained an atmosphere of intimacy. As I tended to another celebration, Jenna skillfully orchestrated the day, ensuring every nuance played out to perfection.

Cheers, Elizabeth & Casey!

Elizabeth and Casey’s Italian-inspired wedding was more than an event; it was an enchanting symphony of diverse elements—nature’s splendor, heartfelt vows, and love’s resplendent journey. The redwoods bore witness to this cherished union, as the couple’s dreams unfolded in a celebration that echoed their souls’ whispers. The echoes of love lingered amidst the redwoods—a testament to the enduring power of their bond and the magic woven into every moment of their Italian-inspired wedding.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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