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A Family Vacation at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort

Our Family's Stay At Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort

Christmas isn’t just about gifts under the tree; it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. For our family, the holiday season takes on a unique twist with our five-gift rule – something they need, something they read, something they want, something they wear, and something they do. But that’s not all – we add a sprinkle of adventure to the mix with an unforgettable family trip. Christmas 2022 brought an extra special surprise: our first international family adventure to Cabo San Lucas and we stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort.

Planning this surprise was no small feat. Months in advance, we secretly procured passports for the kids, keeping the international trip under wraps. The day we received their passports was a mixture of patience and excitement, especially with two of the kids feeling under the weather. Our lips were sealed, hiding the fact that these passports were the gateways to an incredible adventure. 

On Christmas morning, our kids unwrapped passport holders and swimsuits that hinted at the upcoming tropical adventure. Amidst the joyous chaos, our anticipation only grew. The early morning flight from San Jose was made even more exciting as we boarded a party bus courtesy of Altamont Limo. The drive to the airport was transformed into a mini-celebration, setting the perfect tone for our Cabo escapade and all-inclusive stay at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort.

Travel Entertainment and Safety Secrets

Long flights require creativity to keep young minds engaged. I’ve learned that surprise-packed backpacks are a travel essential. Bursting with coloring books, sketch pads, and snacks, they’re perfect for banishing boredom. A word of advice – opt for mess-free activities that don’t require constant parental intervention, ensuring everyone stays happy on the journey.

As we embarked on our first international adventure, a thoughtful touch provided peace of mind. I purchased these Waterproof Watch Bands adorned with Apple AirTags ensured we could discreetly track each child while exploring new horizons. A small measure, but one that added an extra layer of comfort while we roamed the grounds of Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and the city of Cabo.

Prior to departure, meticulous planning ensured we were ready for anything. From a comprehensive medicine stash for any emergency to ample sunscreen (spray and lotion, of course), our well-stocked travel case provided peace of mind. Our Cabo adventure was marked by not only excitement but also the practicality of being prepared for every eventuality.

Effortless Vacation Wardrobe Recommendations for the Perfect Getaway

Preparing for a vacation is an artform (some might say), and having the right outfits can turn your getaway into a true fashion adventure. From matching swimsuits for the kids to chic cover-ups, here’s how we nailed our vacation style in true Rugala fashion.

Coordinating swimsuits for the little ones are not just adorable; they’re practical too. Plus, it’s the only time my girls will let me coordinate their outfits – for vacation. Nordstrom is our top choice for quality, age-appropriate styles that make sure the kids look great while having a blast. And here’s a tip: Opt for two-piece swimsuits for hassle-free bathroom breaks and easy comfort.

Nordstrom Girls’ Swimsuits:

Kid’s Peace Floral Two-Piece Swimsuit

Kid’s Beach Crochet Two-Piece Swimsuit

As for me, my vacation wardrobe was all about comfort and style. Aerie and Target surprisingly had swimsuits that perfectly blended fashion and function, allowing me to enjoy family time without sacrificing style. 

Target Swimsuits:

Ruffle Trim Bikini Top & Ruffle Trim Bikini Bottom

Shoulder Tie Underwire Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom

Cinch Front Keyhole Bikini Top & Side-Tie Hipster Bikini Bottom

For those effortless vacation days, Forever 21 was a goldmine of dresses and rompers, perfect for soaking up the sun. Denim shorts from Aeropostale proved to be my go-to, providing the ideal mix of comfort and trendiness. Amazon had fantastic cover-up options that both my daughter and I loved, adding that extra touch of chic to our beach looks. This Crochet Cover Up and Beach T-Shirt Dress were absolute staples in our closet for this vacation. And finally, Anthropologie had me covered for timeless elegance, with pieces that not only enhanced this trip but will also continue to elevate my style back home.

Arriving at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach was nothing short of magical. Passing through private security gates, we journeyed down a picturesque driveway, greeted by sweeping vistas that hinted at the beauty to come. It was a haven of luxury welcoming us to its doors. This sprawling oasis beckoned us with its promise of relaxation and adventure.

Our King one-bedroom suite, complete with a spacious bathroom, sleeper sofa, and a balcony overlooking the azure pool and ocean, welcomed us with open arms. Chauffeured golf carts transported us through the expansive resort, revealing a paradise of pools, restaurants, and vibrant activities, ensuring the whole family had an enchanting stay.

Culinary Delights, Easter Festivities, and Fiesta Fun

The Pueblo Bonito Resort’s myriad of dining options delighted our taste buds. From The Market at Quivira boasting a tempting array of cuisines to exquisite resort restaurants, each meal was a flavor-packed adventure. Variety truly was the spice of life.

Our Cabo journey encompassed Easter, adding an extra layer of festivity. Flora Farms hosted us for an Easter egg hunt, followed by a splendid brunch buffet. Our resort’s weekly Fiesta was a joyous Mexican celebration, with mariachi bands, dancers, and an authentic buffet, reminding us of the importance of embracing local culture.

Family Activities in Cabo, Outside of Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

Exploring Cabo’s treasures was a must. Our family enjoyed many of the activities Cabo has to offer including ziplining in the mountains (despite my daughter Poppy being hesitant at first), strolling through downtown Cabo shopping and sightseeing, and enjoying the pristine beaches. These escapades enriched our journey, offering experiences beyond the resort’s walls that we’ll always remember as a family.

A Successful Stay at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resport

Christmas 2022 was unlike any other. It blended cherished traditions with the thrill of international exploration. Our Cabo adventure wasn’t just a trip; it was an unforgettable chapter in our family story. As we returned home, hearts full and minds brimming with memories, we realized that the true magic of Christmas is the magic of togetherness and the memories we create along the way. These family vacations are opportunities to show our children the value in creating memorable experiences over receiving gifts. And it’s a tradition we’ll continue year after year to make these moments together extra special.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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