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July 31, 2023
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Chic and Coed – A Modern Baby Shower for Rose, Steven, and Baby Sierra

A Celebration for Baby Sierra

Nestled in the heart of San Jose, the parents-to-be’s home became the canvas for a dreamy modern baby shower that broke the mold of traditional gender norms. This celebration embraced chic and modern elements, proving that coed baby showers could be just as dreamy and captivating as their traditional counterparts. Vibrant colors, delectable food, and a dash of personalized flair set the stage for a day of joy and anticipation.


Vendor List: 

Rentals: Bright Event Rentals

Florals: H&J Florals

Signage: Ellestrations

Specialty Rentals and Balloons: Little Legged Affairs

Catering: Graze and Gather Company

Desserts: Made Out of Dough

Photography: Gina Lisa Photography

Marquee: Love Marquee Rental


A Foodie's Delight

In a culinary ode to the daddy-to-be and his friends, the food selection consistent of a pretzel, bratwurst, and beer theme. The grazing table, masterfully created by Graze and Gather Company, featured an array of pretzels that was served on a custom-made display, artisan cheeses, and charcuterie delights, perfectly complemented by dutch ovens filled with mouthwatering bratwurst. The menu struck the perfect balance between fun and sophistication, appealing to every palate at the party. For a fun dessert moment, Made Out of Dough created miniature sweets for guests to enjoy on the go. Plus, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the concept of a modern baby shower that is fit for the mom and dad.

A Muse of Textiles, Lavender Hues, and Floral Magic

Napa Valley Linens served as the muse for this extraordinary baby shower as I was inspired by this table linen adorned with a modern and unique design in hues of lavender and greens. Drawing inspiration from the linens, the entire party exuded a sense of chic charm with the same color palette. Lavender-hued balloons danced overhead, enhancing the ambiance and tying together the stunning floral arrangements.

H&J Florals worked their magic, creating floral arrangements that exuded modern baby shower elegance. Gold rectangular trough vessels adorned each table, housing captivating blooms that harmonized with the overall theme. On the dessert display, small florals added a touch of whimsy, charming guests with their delicate beauty.

To add a personalized touch, marquee letters spelled out the baby’s name, Sierra, infusing the celebration with a sense of enchantment.

The Flower Cart Show Stopper

A breathtaking highlight of the modern baby shower decorations was the flower cart, overflowing with an abundance of fresh and fragrant blooms. H&J Florals crafted the cart with precision, carefully labeling each flower type with custom signage from Ellestrations. As a sweet gesture, the flower cart served as the build-your-own bouquet station, inviting guests to create personalized bouquets to take home. With wraps and ribbons at their disposal, guests embraced their creativity, crafting stunning mementos that would forever remind them of this joyous occasion.

Every detail exuded modern chic, from the sleek white tables with gold starburst stands to the elegant white modern chairs, creating a picture-perfect setting for guests to gather, laugh, and enjoy a memorable lunch.

Welcome to the world, Sierra!

Congratulations, Rose and Steven on having a beautiful baby girl. This chic and coed baby shower proved that modern and non-traditional themes could elevate the joy and excitement of welcoming a precious little one. Our team was fueled by creativity and dedication, curating an unforgettable modern baby shower that celebrated the uniqueness of the parents-to-be and their growing family. From the delectable pretzel and bratwurst spread to the flower cart extravaganza, every detail spoke of love, anticipation, and a celebration that would forever hold a cherished place in their hearts.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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