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July 31, 2023

Alyssa’s Quinceanera Party: A Celebration to Remember

Alyssa's Quinceanera Party

Surrounded by a kaleidoscope of girly delights, today we’re taking you a journey of the enchanting butterfly affair that was Alyssa’s Sweet 16, a late quinceanera party. Like a graceful dance of butterflies, this vibrant celebration unfolded, weaving a tapestry of joy and sweet memories that would forever flutter in Alyssa’s heart. From the soft hues of pinks and purples to the whimsical touch of butterflies, this party, lovingly curated by Events by Pins and Petals, became a captivating soirée that whispered of girly elegance and enchantment.


Vendor List:

Florals: H&J Florals

Rentals: Pleasanton Rentals

DJ, Lighting, Video: Amos Productions

Marquee: Love Marquee Letters

Acrylics: The Teal Craft Room

Macaroon Favors: Soiree Macaroons

Specialty Rentals: Little Legged Affairs

Venue: The Clubhouse at Boundary Oaks

Photographer: Melanie Sammis Creative

Balloons: Confetti Girl


A Myriad of Girly Details

As Alyssa entered The Clubhouse at Boundary Oaks for her quinceanera party, she was greeted by a myriad of girly details that seemed to dance in harmony with her joy. Soft pastel hues of pinks, purples, and sage green adorned every corner, creating a sensory experience that embraced all who attended. H&J Florals infused the celebration with the beauty of butterflies, creating stunning floral arrangements that captured the essence of Alyssa’s love for these delicate creatures.

Whimsical Backdrops, Photo Ops, and a Butterfly-Themed Seating Chart

The venue was adorned with whimsical backdrops that served as the perfect photo ops. A large butterfly backdrop created a picturesque setting, inviting guests to capture beautiful moments. The seating chart was a work of art, a wall adorned with Alyssa’s favorite butterflies. Each guest picked up a little boxed macaron with an edible butterfly on top, serving as both a sweet treat and their seating assignment. The gesture added a personal touch, making every guest feel cherished and welcomed.

A Candy Cart Wonderland and Signature Mocktails

Alyssa’s love for candy came to life in a delightful candy cart filled with all her favorite treats. Guests indulged in a wonderland of sweets, savoring the flavors of childhood and creating sweet memories that would linger long after the celebration.

To quench the thirst of the young guests, specialty mocktails awaited, adorned with personalized acrylic stir sticks. The elegant touch of the acrylics added a stylish flair to the celebration, making every sip feel like a luxurious indulgence.

May I Have This Dance?

In the midst of the festivities, Alyssa shared a traditional quinceanera dance with her father, a moment that brimmed with love and cherished traditions. The dance, a poignant expression of father-daughter love, kicked off a endless night of dancing that will forever be remembered by all who attended.

Cheers, Alyssa!

Alyssa’s enchanting butterfly affair was a captivating quinceanera party, where girly elegance and enchantment took flight. Surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, Alyssa’s heart danced with joy as she embraced her special day. Inspired by Alyssa’s love for butterflies and all things girly, it was so fun creating a dreamy haven, where cherished memories and laughter filled the air. This magical soirée will forever remain a symbol of the beauty of traditions, the warmth of love, and the joy of celebrating life’s precious moments.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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