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July 25, 2023
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A Very Chic 1st Birthday Party: Cyrus’s Vintage Car Adventure

Cyrus's First Birthday

Amidst a dreamy landscape where modern elegance merged with vintage charm, we celebrated a very precious moment for Cyrus’s 1st birthday. Born during the pandemic, this special milestone marked the first time he would meet all his family and friends. His parents entrusted Events by Pins and Petals to weave a chic and cool vintage car theme, painting the canvas in all the shades of blue. With our creative touch, we transformed the home into a captivating oasis, where cherished memories were born and joy filled the air.


Vendor List:

Caterer: Charming Fig

Balloon Art: Collective Creative Co

Photographer: Melanie Sammis Creavtive

Rentals: Bright Event Rentals

Linens: Napa Valley Linens

Cake: A Bit of Yum

Cookies: The Sweet Spot CA

Signage: Ellestrations

Marquees: Bay Area Marquee

Backdrops: La Vie Posh


A Symphony of Vintage Cars and Blue Hues

As guests stepped into the enchanting birthday oasis, a symphony of vintage cars awaited. Shades of blue swirled through the landscape, casting a spell of elegance and allure. The home’s built-in bar became a hub of delight, where a skilled bartender served signature cocktails named playfully in the party theme. Alluring signage, reminiscent of car emblems, adorned every corner, guiding guests on an adventure of a lifetime.

A Sweet and Savory 1st Birthday Adventure

A Bit of Yum created an adorable cake, capturing the essence of Cyrus’s milestone. Custom cookies from The Sweet Spot CA were a great additional to celebrating the joy of turning one, as guests delighted themselves in these sweet treats. Charming Fig catered to every culinary desire, presenting charcuterie cones, delectable salads, and scrumptious sandwiches that tempted the taste buds.

A special surprise awaited young guests as an ice cream cart made a grand entrance halfway through the celebration. Children reveled in ice cream sundaes and ice cream cones, creating sweet memories that would linger long after the day had passed. The cart, adorned with light florals and playful elements in the vintage car theme, added a delightful touch of whimsy.

A Balloon Journey Through the Skies:

Collective Creative Co took guests on a balloon journey, crafting a custom car out of foam board that adorned the bar. A trail of balloons followed like playful smoke, adding a touch of whimsy to the celebration. Small vintage cars dotted the landscape, adding a charming touch to the visual spectacle. At every corner was a dream that every kid and their parents could hope for: special details that celebrate their young one.

A Very Special 1st Birthday for a Very Special Boy

Cyrus’s 1st birthday celebration was a captivating vintage car adventure, where modern chic merged seamlessly with nostalgic charm. In the company of family and friends, cherished memories were etched in the hearts of all who attended. Events by Pins and Petals, inspired by the love and trust of Cyrus’s parents, crafted an extraordinary oasis, where blue hues and vintage cars painted the canvas of joy. As the celebration unfolded, laughter echoed like engines on a journey, and love enveloped the landscape like a warm embrace. This enchanting celebration will forever remain an emblem of cherished moments, a testament to the magic that weaves together family, friends, and the joy of celebrating life’s precious milestones.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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