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All White Wedding: Kristina and Luke’s Elegant Ritz-Carlton Bacara Wedding


All White Wedding at The Ritz Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara. Luxury Wedding Planning by Events by Pins and Petals.

Kristina & Luke's All White Wedding

Kristina and Luke’s All White Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara proved that their love was equally special and strong as they embarked on their journey to forever amidst the enchanting beauty of the Santa Barbara coast line. Their original wedding plans, like many of my other clients, were disrupted by the pandemic, but they embraced the opportunity to create an intimate and unforgettable celebration at the picturesque Ritz-Carlton Bacara. In an all-white wonderland, with just 30 cherished guests, they crafted a wedding weekend filled with love, treasured moments, and elegant simplicity.

Vendor List:

DJ: Music by Bonnie

Florist: Butterfly Florals

Photographer: Autumn Agrella

Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Flo

A Full Weekend of Love ~ Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be All White

The festivities for Kristina and Luke’s All White Wedding were more than just a one-day affair—it was a weekend of celebration and togetherness. The wedding fun commenced with a warm and intimate welcome dinner in downtown Santa Barbara, setting the tone for a joyous weekend ahead. The anticipation and excitement were palpable as family and friends gathered to honor the love that brought them all together.

To ensure their guests felt the warmth of their gratitude, Kristina added a special touch with thoughtfully prepared welcome bags for each room. Filled with carefully curated goodies and personalized notes, these All White Wedding bags served as tokens of appreciation and set the stage for an unforgettable experience with their loved ones. From the moment guests arrived, they were embraced with love and hospitality from the soon-to-be married couple.

An All White Wedding on the Bluff

Against the backdrop of the majestic ocean views, Kristina and Luke exchanged vows on the breathtaking bluffs of the Ritz-Carlton Bacara. The intimate gathering witnessed the blending of two families, as Luke’s young daughter played a special role in this cherished ceremony. The bride’s heartfelt vows, spoken with love and tenderness, were not only dedicated to her groom but also extended to embrace her stepdaughter, solidifying their bond in a moment that left not a dry eye in the audience.

An Opulent Dining Experience on the California Coast

As the wedding ceremony concluded, guests moved to the picturesque bluff for a cocktail reception. The gentle ocean breeze kissed their cheeks as they sipped on bottle of bubbly, shared laughter, and exchanged heartfelt conversations. The enchanting ambiance of the coastal landscape added an ethereal touch to this unforgettable evening.

The reception continued on the restaurant’s patio, where guests were treated to an intimate, multi-course plated dinner. The dining tables exuded opulence, adorned with an abundance of white flowers and flickering candles, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. Each guest’s place setting featured a beautifully crafted wooden name card, adding a down-to-earth and personal touch to the grandeur.

A Surprise Melody

As the day unfolded, Kristina had arranged a surprise that would leave her groom in awe. The sound of Scottish bagpipes reverberated through the air, capturing Luke’s heart and leaving an indelible memory for both him and their guests. The unexpected serenade created an unforgettable moment of celebration and joy.

The Team That Made It All Happen

Every successful All White Wedding is the result of a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to bring dreams to life. Music by Bonnie set the perfect tone, curating a playlist that kept the energy alive throughout the evening. Butterfly Floral sprinkled their floral magic, turning the venue into a fragrant paradise of white blooms. Autumn Agrella captured the precious moments through her lens, preserving memories that would be treasured for generations. And Beauty by Flo ensured that Kristina’s natural beauty radiated, creating a stunning bridal look that left everyone in awe.

Cheers, Kristina & Luke!

Your All White Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara was an intimate affair filled with love, elegance, and cherished moments. Against the backdrop of Santa Barbara’s coastal beauty, we all witnessed you both embrace the challenges presented by the pandemic and create a celebration that will forever be ingrained in their hearts and the hearts of their loved ones. With personalized touches, breathtaking scenery, and a team of dedicated professionals, your special day exemplified the power of love and the beauty of an intimate gathering. This All White Wedding proved that even in times of uncertainty, love prevails, and unforgettable memories are waiting to be created.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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