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June 19, 2023
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A Boho Wedding: Sarah + Amir’s Backyard Celebration

A Boho Wedding in Danville, CA | 

Boho Wedding Dress. Boho Backyard Wedding for a young couple in Danville California.

Sarah + Amir's Boho Wedding

Love blossomed under the sunny skies of Danville, California, as Sarah and Amir embarked on their journey towards eternal togetherness. In an intimate celebration held at Sarah’s childhood home, the Hessler-Kadesh wedding was an enchanting fusion of love, warmth, and bohemian charm. Stepping away from the traditional and embracing their unique style, this young couple crafted a boho wedding that would leave a lasting impression on all who attended.


The Vendor List:

Venue: Family home in Danville, CA 

Florist: Mis Florism 

Hair & Makeup: Honey & Comb Salon

DJ: Mark Addington Events 

Cake: Susie Cakes 

Dessert: Choux Cream Puffs 

Photographer: Sarowly 

Videographer: Norcal Filmworks 

Catering: Copper Top Ovens 

Catering: Roxx on Main 

Catering: Charming Fig Catering

Rentals: Pleasanton Event Rentals

Rentals: Good Events


A Backyard Transformed Into A Beautiful Boho Wedding

Nestled in the embrace of Sarah’s parents’ backyard, the Hessler-Kadesh wedding created a dreamy atmosphere that perfectly encapsulated the couple’s vision. With the help of their loving family, they turned a simple sport-court into a captivating space for their Jewish ceremony. Every detail of their dream boho wedding was carefully curated, and the transformative power of love was brought to life through handcrafted decor pieces. Guests were greeted by a magnificent arch made by the family, leading them into a wonderland of celebration. It was the perfect start to a magical evening!

A Taste Sensation

Sarah and Amir sought to create a relaxed, casual dining experience for their loved ones, and they achieved this with flair. Breaking away from convention, they enlisted the services of a talented pizza oven caterer, who delighted everyone with a mouthwatering array of freshly made pizzas. Alongside the savory delights, Charming Fig Catering curated a delectable 2-tier grazing table and individual crudité cones, satisfying every palate with their artful creations. Roxx on Main added an extra touch of culinary delight with their succulent kebabs, a personal favorite of the couple.

Sweet Treats & Late Night Delights

For dessert, simplicity met elegance as a small, understated cake adorned with fresh florals took center stage on a vintage bar cart. Susie Cakes brought the couple’s vision to life with their exquisite creation, ensuring a sweet finale to the evening. However, the surprises didn’t end there. At each table, guests were treated to boxes of Choux Cream Puffs from the renowned Choux San Francisco, adding an extra touch of indulgence. And as the night grew darker, a full coffee bar setup awaited, accompanied by delectable Krispy Kreme donuts, offering a delightful late-night pick-me-up for the energetic partygoers (not pictured).

Boho wedding dress. Boho wedding.

The Boho Wedding Dream Team

Behind every magical wedding, there is a team of talented professionals who work tirelessly to bring visions to life. The Hessler-Kadesh wedding was no exception. Mis Florism sprinkled their floral magic throughout the venue, creating stunning arrangements that captured the essence of the boho theme. Honey & Comb Salon ensured that Sarah’s natural beauty shone through, expertly crafting her hair and makeup for the day. Mark Addington Events had guests grooving to the rhythm of love with a carefully curated playlist, while Sarowly and Norcal Filmworks captured every precious moment, preserving memories for a lifetime.

Here's to the Darling Couple

From the heartfelt touches of handmade decor to the carefully selected culinary delights, every element of this beautifully designed celebration was infused with their essence. This celebration of love in a boho-chic setting was a refreshing departure from clichéd fairy tales, demonstrating that weddings can be unique, vibrant, and joyously personal.

As the sun set over Sarah and Amir’s intimate boho wedding, a sense of enchantment lingered in the air. The backyard transformed into a haven of love and celebration, where the extraordinary merged with the familiar. Sarah and Amir’s commitment to creating an event that was both relaxed and captivating set a new standard for weddings, inspiring couples to embrace their individuality and celebrate their love in their own distinctive ways. Cheers, Sarah and Amir, to a lifetime of wonder, happiness, and all the love this life has to offer.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

Boho Wedding Dress. Boho Wedding. Luxury Wedding Planner.


  1. Sarah says:

    This made my night ❤️ couldn’t have done it without you!

  2. Stacy says:

    Erin-thank you for all of your and attention to detail! It was a magical night and we were so lucky to have you by our side ❤️

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