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A Colorful Wedding by the Sea: Nicki and Mike’s Wedding Extravaganza

Nicki + Mike

Nicki from Branches Events and Florals gets married to Mike. Events by Pins and Petals as their wedding planner.

Hello, lovely readers. Today we’re unraveling all the little details of an extraordinary journey of love, resilience, and a spectacular and colorful wedding celebration that will hopefully leave you inspired. We’ll explore the exquisite wedding of Nicki and Mike, a couple whose path to their special day was filled with some unexpected twists and turns. Join me as I relive all the magical moments that led to bringing their dream wedding to life.

A Tale of Friendship and Creativity

Nicki and I shared a unique bond even before she entrusted me with the honor of planning her wedding. We were vendor friends, and her remarkable talent as an artistic florist had graced multiple events that I had organized in the past. Our shared passion for creating memorable experiences brought us together, and when the unexpected challenges of the pandemic forced Nicki and Mike to postpone their original wedding plans, they decided to embrace the change and reimagine their dream celebration.

With the venue and timing shifted to an early afternoon Sunday wedding, Nicki reached out to me for assistance in pivoting their original design and décor plans. As a seasoned wedding planner, I understood the importance of adapting to new circumstances while maintaining the couple’s vision. Together, we embarked on a journey to create the vibrant and colorful celebration that would capture the essence of their love story.

The Colorful Wedding Design & D´ecor: A Vibrant Wonderland

The change in location and timing presented us with a unique opportunity to explore new design possibilities. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful ocean-front property, we envisioned a wedding that harmoniously blended with the breathtaking blues of the surrounding environment.

Nicki, the bride and talented owner and creative director of Branches Florals, brought her unrivaled expertise to her own wedding, ensuring that every bloom was a true reflection of her artistic vision. Alongside her dedicated team, Nicki personally designed and arranged all the florals for the celebration, infusing it with her signature style and attention to detail. Branches, known for their exceptional artistry and commitment to excellence, elevated the wedding to new heights with their breathtaking floral installations. Every bloom was a testament to Nicki and her team’s talent and unwavering commitment to creating a vibrant wonderland for her special day. From the breathtaking ceremony installation adorned with cascading flowers to the meticulously crafted centerpieces that graced each table, the floral designs were nothing short of awe-inspiring. She even made dried floral jewelry for the wedding party and cufflinks for the groom. How fabulous!

The Vendor Dream Team

The Moments Captured

Capturing the beauty, emotion, and fleeting moments of a wedding is an art form, and Stephanie Lynn is a true master of her craft. With an eye for detail and a talent for storytelling through her lens, Stephanie documented Nicki and Mike’s special day with precision and creativity. Her ability to capture candid moments and evoke genuine emotions resulted in a breathtaking collection of images that will be cherished for generations to come.

The Venue

Choosing the perfect venue is the cornerstone of any successful wedding, and despite having to make a pivot in their plans because of COVID, Nicki and Mike’s decision to host their celebration at Monterey Plaza Inn was nothing short of magical. Located by the ocean, this picturesque venue provided a stunning backdrop of serene blues and breathtaking vistas. Its connection to otters, Mike’s favorite animal, added an extra touch of personal significance to their choice.

The Elegant Writing

Every wedding needs beautiful calligraphy and thoughtfully designed signage to add an elegant touch to the décor. Blossom and Ink Studio, known for their exquisite craftsmanship, took on this task with grace and finesse. From delicately scripted wedding invitations to meticulously handcrafted signs directing guests to various areas, their artistic creations added an extra layer of sophistication and charm to Nicki and Mike’s celebration.

The Chic Rentals

To create a cohesive and visually stunning wedding, the right rentals are crucial. So, I turned to Chic Event Rentals, a trusted name in the industry, to curate a selection of furniture, linens, and decor that perfectly complemented Nicki’s vibrant floral designs. From elegant chairs and tables to intricately designed tableware, every rental item we curated and sourced from Chic Event Rentals added to the overall ambiance of the event, elevating it to new heights of sophistication and style.

The Cake Moment

A wedding cake is not just a dessert—it’s a centerpiece that reflects the couple’s personality and style. Nana’s Home Cakery, known for their delectable creations, worked closely with Nicki and Mike to design a cake moment that was both visually stunning and irresistibly delicious. To add a whimsical touch and cater to the intimate nature of the colorful wedding, they opted for individual mini cakes over a traditional cake, keeping it playful and tasteful. The kids were not forgotten either, as they were treated to adorable “cakesickles.”

Hand-Painted Groom’s Cake: In a delightful surprise for Mike, Nicki presented him with a hand-painted groom’s cake adorned with an adorable otter—a nod to the couple’s connection with the venue and Mike’s favorite animal. This whimsical and personalized confection showcased Nicki’s creativity and love for her soon-to-be-husband, leaving a lasting impression on both Mike and the guests.

The Glam Team

On their special day, Nicki wanted to look and feel her absolute best, and Kim Baker Beauty made that dream a reality. With their expertise in hair and makeup, they skillfully enhanced Nicki’s natural beauty, ensuring she radiated confidence and grace as she walked down the aisle. The team at Kim Baker Beauty used their exceptional skills to create a look that was both timeless and uniquely suited to Nicki’s style, allowing her to shine on her momentous day.

The Tunes

No celebration is complete without the perfect soundtrack, and Sound in Motion knew exactly how to curate an unforgettable musical experience for Nicki and Mike’s wedding. With their extensive repertoire of songs spanning various genres and eras, they created a playlist that catered to the couple’s personal preferences and ensured that the dance floor was always filled with joy and laughter, adding an extra layer of excitement and energy to the day’s festivities.

All The Colorful Wedding Details

The meticulous attention to detail extended beyond the floral arrangements and encompassed every aspect of their colorful wedding day. It was the thoughtful touches and personalized surprises that made their celebration truly remarkable. Here are a few highlights that epitomized their dedication to creating an unforgettable experience:

Personalized Sneakers: Nicki had a pair of sneakers she owned for everyone to sign. This unique guestbook alternative allowed their loved ones to leave heartfelt messages and well wishes, while also providing Nicki with a cherished memento from their special day. Later in the reception, Nicki changed into these sneakers, symbolizing her transition from a stunning bride to a carefree and joyous dancer.

Homemade Cookies: Nicki’s talented sister-in-law, renowned for her delectable cookies, crafted a batch for each guest to take home. These mouthwatering treats served as a token of gratitude and a delightful reminder of the couple’s warm hospitality. Each cookie was a testament to the love and dedication that Nicki and Mike poured into every aspect of their wedding day.

Personalized Luggage Tag Place Cards: Nicki ensured that each guest felt cherished and appreciated by providing them with personalized blue luggage tag place cards. These charming and practical mementos not only guided guests to their assigned seats but also served as keepsakes that would evoke memories of the joyous celebration whenever they embarked on future travels.

Cheers, Nicki & Mike!

As the vibrant colors danced in harmony with the ocean’s blues, Nicki and Mike embarked on a new chapter of their lives, bound together by love, surrounded by beauty, and forever blooming in the hearts of all who witnessed their remarkable wedding extravaganza.

Cheers to Nicki and Mike, a couple whose love story continues to blossom and delight us like a vibrant bouquet. May your journey together be filled with otterly adorable moments, abundant laughter, and a love that continues to bloom and flourish. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and cherished memories, surrounded by the enchantment of flowers and the warmth of your love.

Erin Rugala, owner, creative, and designer of Events by Pins and Petals. Full service, luxury event and wedding planner in the Bay Area.

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