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July 22, 2021
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March 8, 2023

Bright & Beautiful 2020 Grads!

It’s true…. There were definitely things to celebrate in 2020! This graduation event was for a group of girlfriends celebrating their departure from high school and off to college. They wanted something bright and beautiful, to match their personalities! 
The grads mentioned orange and pink and we ran with the theme! Adding pops of color to an event is one of my favorite things to do, and these girls made it really easy! The florals alone were such an extension of the color palette. LC Floral Design used roses and dahlias in pinks and oranges as the focal point of these arrangements. Using the same colors, we made 2020 look fabulous with a balloon garland created by the ever so talented Bijoux Balloons and It displayed over Love Marquee’s sign, an epic way to celebrate the class of 2020.  The graduates wore only white so they themselves stood out amongst the bright pink and orange backdrop that we created throughout the space!
Can we talk about signage for a second? Signs for any occasion often go unnoticed during the planning portion, but they are critical in not only informing your guests, but creating a cohesive feel throughout the event. These custom signs, created by Poptarts and Peonies, (who also doubled as our photographer!) helped add some additional fun and flair for the event and even guided guests with how to make their DIY margarita. These signs were hand lettered on various sizes of acrylic, and some of them were even propped up with a lime base to keep in theme!


One of the highlights of this event was build-your-own margarita bar, this was the absolute show-stopper! Meant for the parents who definitely needed some fun of their own after helping their daughters get through their senior year of high school during the pandemic, the adult crowd loved this set-up! We had two different kinds of tequila, gold and silver, five different mixes; grapefruit, watermelon, and orange juices, as well as a margarita mix and a spicy jalapeno mango mix. With suggested recipes for various fruit margaritas plus all of the garnishes and mixers you could imagine, there were so many options to choose from. I don’t know about you but I wanted to try every one! And those garnishes… these added such an element of fun to this bar. Guests were encouraged to finish their drink with a garnish and there was so much to pick from; everything from rock candy, jalapenos, edible flowers, to all sorts of fresh fruit – how could you stop at just one?  

Charming Fig Catering blended an extensive grazing table and the Mexican theme beautifully. You’ve got to love when the food is so captivating it’s part of the décor!
Each graduate had custom made cookies, highlighting the college they will attend next year! These cookies, created by Dealicious Cookies, served as great party favors- not only were they delicious but they were adorable as well! 
​Overall this was an amazing event to plan from start to finish. Everything was bright and beautiful and wonderfully coordinated. The girls had a great time and the guests did too!

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