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A Sweet & Tangy Gooseberry Champagne Cocktail

Sweet, tangy, and vibrant Gooseberry Champagne Cocktail is a fun twist on a simpler drink that will brighten any fun evening!
​The small orange Cape Gooseberries are not just vibrant in color, they are bright in their slightly tart taste, also. Cape Gooseberries might be small but they pack a big punch and when paired with sweeter ingredients like St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and Champagne, it makes a very tasty cocktail!
I am a Champagne/Sparkling Wine drinker through-and-through. I have never been a big fan of liquor and can barely stomach the taste of it unless it is heavily masked by a sweet fruit flavor so the dry sweetness of Champagne has always been my go-to. I don’t normally mix much into my Champagne but lately I have liked the idea of branching out and creating cocktails that elevate it a bit more. 
I really enjoy the tart taste of Gooseberries, which are a very seasonal Spring fruit in Northern California and aren’t normally available beyond Spring time. Beside from their delicious taste, Gooseberries are actually a great source of Vitamin C, Fiber, and are rich in Vitamin A, also. If all of the health benefits of these little berries don’t make this cocktail healthy, I don’t know what would! Maybe that’s how I justify having a cocktail or two when I make a batch of these tasty drinks. But really, who’s counting, right? 
To help cut the tartness of the Gooseberries in this cocktail I paired them not only with Champagne but also with Simple Syrup, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and lime juice to enhance all of the flavors. The cocktail really is quite easy to make and this recipe creates a double, either to share or to enjoy all yourself – I won’t judge!

Gooseberry Champagne Cocktail

12-16 Gooseberries
1oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
1oz Simple Syrup 
Juice of 1 Lime
1 Cup of Ice
1 Split of Champagne or Sparkling Wine *If you do not have or cannot find a Split, 12oz from a regular bottle is what you need

2 Glasses of your choice
1 Shaker
1 Jigger or Shot glass for measuring
1 Muddle or Back of Spoon

1. Remove 12 Gooseberries from their husk and slice in half adding them to the shaker
2. Slice the lime in half and juice into the shaker with the sliced Gooseberries
3. Muddle the Gooseberries using a muddle or a back of a spoon until all gooseberries have been smashed releasing their juices and pulp
4. Measure and pour in the Liqueur and Simple Syrup into the shaker
5. Add ice to the mix, cover, and shake shake shake!
6. Pour the mixture into your glass – if you are making two, divide evenly *
7. Top each glass with 6oz of Champagne or Sparkling Wine
8. Use the remaining 6 Gooseberries to skewer and add to your glass as a garnish
9. Drink immediately & Enjoy responsibly!

This cocktail just screams Spring with all of the bright floral notes not too mention the beautiful tangerine color, thanks to the Gooseberries. A chilled flavorful cocktail has never tasted so good than when enjoyed on the patio on a warm sunny spring day – and this drink is absolutely made for that!

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