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A Dog Themed Powder Room Remodel

Upon buying our Silver Cloud home, we knew that we had a lot of work ahead of us; some big projects and some small projects. The powder room was one of the easier smaller projects that we knew we could get done sooner than later! We wanted to update the bathroom to not only make it more to-date but we wanted the powder room to be a reflection of our fun style, too!

When we bought our house we were thankfully able to look passed all of the horrible paint colors that the original owner had chosen for each and every room of the house. There was not a single room that didn’t need to be painted. Most rooms needed a lot more than paint, but at least paint was a cheap, quick, and easy fix comparatively at least.

The powder room was originally a brown color which did not help with with how dark the room is since it does not have a bathroom in it. The powder room also had a dark tile flooring and a pedestal sink that didn’t allow for any storage space whatsoever. Among other things, the bathroom also had an outdated medicine cabinet, an old light fixture that provided no light to the dark room, and a weird ledge behind the sink that wasn’t quite large enough to set anything on. The bathroom needed help – and it needed to have a personalized touch to it!

Thankfully with the powder room being small, we were able to splurge a bit and wallpaper all of the walls. We chose a a taupe and gray dog-themed wallpaper that has a variety of dog breeds on it, some with metallic silver collars on them, too! The wallpaper was the first inspiration piece that I found. I just loved the dogs and the overall color scheme and knew that this would set the tone for the entire bathroom. We had a professional install all of the wallpaper since it was quite a process with smoothing the walls and prepping them for the installation and that was definitely not in my wheelhouse!
After the wallpaper was installed we got started on the other projects! We had 4′ crownmoulding installed which added a really nice detail and finished off the walls perfectly. The ultra bright white really helped make the colors in the wallpaper pop, too, especially once we painted the ceiling white, also! From there we moved on to other projects like making an actual mantle of the small little existing ledge that was behind the sink. The increased mantle size added detail, making it look more finished, as well as providing a larger space to display things.
With the new ledge complete, we were able to replace the old medicine cabinet mirror and the outdated light above it with a new beautiful frameless oval beveled mirror that adds a nice feminine touch!  For the light fixture we wanted to tie-in the silver metallic on the dogs collar so we chose a more modern chrome and glass 3-light fixture.
Two bigger items in the bathroom that had to be updated were the floors and the vanity. I knew with with the room being small that we could pick out a fun pattern for the flooring and even spend a little more on it since we didn’t need much of it. I wanted something neutral in color but unique so when I found a carrara marble arabesque tile I knew that was exactly what I wanted! We kept the grout a lighter shade of gray so that way it wouldn’t be too much of a contrast against the tile while still keeping the room light. With that being said, we did want to incorporate some color into the bathroom so we chose a blue-gray vanity from Home Depot with a white marble sink and chrome faucet to coordinate with the light fixture above it. We kept the hardware on the vanity cabinet simple with chrome knobs keeping in the theme in the powder room, along with the hand-towel rack and the toilet paper holder. The new vanity provided much-needed storage with a double-door cabinet as well as a drawer that is a great size for the space.
After the big important things were complete, came time for the decorating and details! We added floating white wooden shelves above the toilet
for added storage and decor and of course the shelves needed some fun elements on them, too! From a custom “Be our Guest” sign to a petite lavender plant and a ceramic dog – every decor piece was well thought-out to coordinate but still have some fun pops of color. Even though storage for the powder room was aplenty with the new vanity cabinet, we added a 3-tier standing shelf for easy toilet paper access and of course, more decor! Personally, my favorite piece in the powder room is the large painting that I sourced of a big Dalmatian with his spots being blown off by a fan. I coordinated the Kate Spade black and white polka dot hand-towels to match our Dalmatian friend. The colors go perfectly with the overall theme of the bathroom and the entire family just adores the Dalmatian’s cute face!
This is one of the rooms in our house that makes us all happy. The entire family loves the dog theme and how fun and playful it is! This room is used by all guests when they’re over and it’s one of the first rooms everyone sees so we love that it is a bright and cheery space that shows our families fun personality and love for dogs. Altogether the space did not take a lot of work or money, but it definitely took time as many of the projects were DIY. But as with many things, some of the most special projects are a labor of love… puppy love in this case!


  1. gold faucet says:

    What a perfect matched theme. I love the wallpaper that stands supporting all other aspect along with it.

    • Cassandra says:

      I adore this! I’m doing a dog themed bathroom as we speak for my dogs and I’m dying to know where you got this wallpaper! Do you happen to remember? It has the perfect colors in it. Thanks in advance if you do.

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