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March 20, 2020
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A Little Mommy & Me Self-Care Day

With life simultaneously feeling like a crazy busy whirlwind while also feeling like a gloomy uncertain time, spending a day with my girls taking care of ourselves is exactly what is needed!
Being an advocate of taking time for yourself, I have always found it important to teach our littles that in order to take care of everyone else in the family, you also have to take care of yourself.
Not being new to all the girly things, my daughters, Poppy and Holland, are big fans of being pampered! ​ From blow-outs and braids to manicures and pedicures, these girls sure know the right way to relax.

Though we don’t get around to it all too often, on the special occasion that the girls get a little pampering, they instantly feel like super special big girls. Of course, the time spent with just mommy makes it that much better. Naturally, since they were very little they have loved watching me do my makeup and have both taken a knack for doing their own now, too! With rosy cheeks and perfectly poutty lips, Poppy and Holland love playing with all the pretty things.

The occasional pampering session isn’t just about self-care or the special time with mommy; the bond that my girls have is very important, also. With Poppy and Holland being just 3 years apart (separated by their brother in between them!) I want the girls to be best friends, too. 

With everything going on around us right now, with the shelter in place and social distancing, all three kids are unable to socialize with any of their friends – which is very difficult for them. What’s making this uncertain time a little easier is having each other. In times like these, this is when their friendship is most important. I want them to know that their bond will always be present. Their sisterhood will never go away. When friends may come and go, their friendship will remain, as sisters and as friends.

As a mom of girls in 2020, it seems like there are countless lessons that I am constantly trying to teach the two of them so that they can grow up to be well-rounded women. From teaching them that it’s OK to take time for self-care, to teaching them that family always comes first, to standing up for yourself (and your loved ones), to being strong and independent, the lessons are aplenty. 

While going through hard-times like what the world is dealing with right now, I realize now more than ever how important it is to set the example for my daughters. It is important for them to see their mom as strong and positive, kind and supporting, but most importantly, present. Being a busy working mom – a business owner at that – my time can definitely be limited and I find myself distracted and not fully-engaged as I should be. While we are all home during these times this is my time to find that balance of work + mom-life. I need to set the example of the importance of finding a balance between having a career but being there for my children in whatever capacity they need right now. 


With special self-care dates, baking sessions, or neighborhood bike rides, my girls (and son) know that I am always here for them through the good times and the bad. Obviously we all prefer the fun times like our pampering sessions, but we will make the best out of any situation so long as we do it together!

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