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Holland’s Darling Dog themed 5th Birthday Paw-ty!


Just yesterday I was talking to Poppy, my oldest, and I said that she wasn’t able to do something because “the baby is sleeping” at which point she laughed and reminded me that Holland is 5 now and no longer a baby. But she is. She is my baby. And even after her sweet Doggy themed 5th birthday party where we celebrated her – and her love for dogs –  I am still having a hard time grasping that she is getting older each day!
To say that Holland loves dogs might be an understatement. I don’t know any other 5 year old who wears a fanny-pack full of dog treats to any outdoor activity so that she is prepared if she sees any dogs. She has no hesitations walking up to an owner (or, doggy parent as she calls them) and asking them if she can pet their dog and give them a dog treat. She even memorized the types of dog treats that she passes out just in case the dog has an allergy! If this girl doesn’t grow up to be a Veterinarian, I’d be shocked! 
For her 5th Birthday party all Holland wanted was a dog-party. Now, let me be clear on one point to this; she wanted everyone to bring their dog to the party and should they not have a dog to bring, she wanted them to bring a cat, and should they not have a cat, she wanted them to be able to adopt one – at the party! Of course, I had to rain on her parade a bit and advise guests to not bring their dogs (although we did allow a few!) but I made a compromise that we would have a doggy-adoption center for her friends to adopt their very-own stuffed animal dog. This was a huge hit!
As any dog-parent knows, when you choose your new pet you must have all of the proper accessories for it; a dog house, a personalized collar, and of course an adoption certificate! Each of these new-parent musts became activity stations for the kids at the party. From personalizing dog collars to creating matching collars and bracelets to decorating the perfect dog-house, the kids kept busy making sure their new lovey was well taken care-of!
Although it is all fun and games for the Birthday Girl and her friends, everyone had to eat so there were snacks and deserts aplenty! 

From a small grazing table for the adults, to kids snacks in dog bowls, a Hot Dog bar, and of course a build your own Puppy Chow bar – there were so many options for everyone to choose from before heading to the dessert table!

I have to admit, although everything was delicious and adorable, the puppy chow bar was quite possibly my favorite part of the party! With batches of the basic puppy chow already made, dog treat jars were filled up and set-up on the table surrounded by every topping you can imagine. Various bowls were filled with everything from M&M’s to Goobers to sprinkles allowing each kid – and adult – to create whatever Puppy Chow mix their heart desired! Personally, my favorite was puppy chow with milk duds, goobers, and mini marshmallows!
I am a firm believer that part of the joys of going to birthday parties is all of the delicious treats to indulge on so of course the goodies did not stop at the Puppy Chow bar! Holland had a dessert bar, also, that included an adorable cake, cookies, cakepops by the amazing Big Mama Sugar Cookies along with the cutest doggy donuts and yummy rice krispies, by our very dear friend Desserts by Sabina! The dessert station was backed by a dog paw-ty backdrop and a balloon arch made by my friend, Amy, and I!
With it being a sweltering hot day for a party, it was important for kids and adults alike to stay hydrated so I was sure to offer beverage stations for both.  The kids chose their beverage of choice out of plastic hydrant dispensers – which was very comical to them! The adults got to enjoy a “pup-sicle” bar which consisted of various cold alcoholic beverages like Champagne, Prosecco, white wine, and rose to which they chose thier favorite, poured it into a glass and topped it off with a frozen fruity popsicle of their choice! Refreshing, fun, and so delicious!
Holland had such a fun time celebrating her birthday with her friends and sharing her love for doggies with them! We really enjoyed having the talented Melanie Sammis Creative there to capture all of the smiling moments spent with friends on this special day, too!
As a parting gift, Holland gave out individually bagged dog-bone cookies for each of her guests who celebrated her special day with her!
I am certain that Holland would say she had a paw-fectly wonderful 5th Birthday PAW-ty and at the end of the day, her happiness on her birthday is all that matters!


  1. Amanda Bowman says:

    We are doing a puppy party for a 6th party. Where did you get these sweet cups?

  2. Amanda Bowman says:

    We are doing a puppy party for a 6th party. Where did you get these sweet cups?

  3. Carmelita says:

    You have a beautiful set up for Holland’s birthday. I love all the details that you put into it. And I love the fire hydrant container. I find it unique. Would mind to send the link where to purchase it? Thank you.

  4. Payton Conn says:

    Where did you find the paw print table cloth and fire hydrant drink dispensers?

  5. Kasey Collier says:

    So so adorable! Where are the cups with the party puppies from??

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