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March 13, 2019
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April 10, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

As an Event Planner for nearly 15 years with a substantial amount of time spent as a Wedding Planner, I have used my experience to compile my top 5 reasons that I feel people should hire a Wedding Planner. Planning a wedding is as tedious and time-consuming as you make it, but, it can definitely take over your life for the duration of your engagement. Wedding Planners are here to make your life easier and your planning more fun!
I have had the pleasure of working on such a wide variety of weddings from extravagant venues to private residences to public parks. I have been hired to facilitate full wedding planning lasting anywhere from 6 months to 18 months as well as just Day-Of coordination and many types of planning and assistance in between. No matter what the wedding was like or who was getting married, there are a few things that stayed true and consistent each time; 1) The couple definitely needed help even if that help was just having a sounding-board 2) Things always went awry and thankfully because I was there, the couple had no idea and 3) each and every couple (and even some family members) felt a huge sense of relief that I was there to help coordinate the Wedding Day so that they could enjoy themselves on such a special occasion.
Let me share with you my top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner!
A Wedding Planner literally works for you!  Since your normal life must go on post-engagement and that likely means working Monday-Friday, sitting in meetings, handling conference calls, and whatever else your job entails, that doesn’t leave a lot of free time to dedicate to planning your wedding. It’s a shame, isn’t it? While you’re sitting in a meeting that could have been an email, your Wedding Planner will be working diligently on making your dream wedding come to life! While you’re working, we are working for you. Between researching vendors, reviewing countless quotes, and perusing Pinterest for all of the inspiration you might need – time dedicated to wedding planning really adds up. Hiring a Wedding Planner really does relieve stress, frees up a lot of your time, and makes the time that you do spend on wedding planning more efficient and less disruptive of your work day.
If you ask a group of Wedding Planners what they’re favorite part of the job is, I can guarantee more than half of them will tell you that it is the creative design process. The other half, well, they might tell you they like being able to boss people around! From the moment a Wedding Planner sits down with the couple to discuss their vision, their ideas, their likes and dislikes, the Wedding Planner is painting a picture in their head of how this will all come together on the big day; that’s our job! With Pinterest and even Instagram because great, albeit overwhelming, sources of inspiration, it is really easy to see how some couples lose site of what they really envision for their wedding day. Hiring a Wedding Planner will help you to pinpoint what your style really is and they will be dedicated to making that vision a reality for you.
With most brides starting their hair and makeup at 8am on their wedding day, there is positively no time for them to be worrying about the very detailed timeline that they have ahead of them. A Wedding Planners job is to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible with each and every person where they need to be on time – that is not something a bride and groom should ever have to worry about! Wedding Days are so busy with so many moving parts, outside vendors, bridal parties, and special moments – it is a lot to keep track of, so let a Wedding Planner do the work. And, another bonus of hiring a Wedding Planner – not only do we handle the day-of craziness, we put together the entire timeline for you ahead of time, too!
Weddings (and all special events, really) require so many hands-on-deck to make the event happen. From caterers to florists to hairstylists, so many vendors are needed from the moment you get engaged until the moment you say “I Do”. Wedding Planners, especially those who have been around for some time, have had the pleasure of working with many vendors in all the different categories you might need. It is so helpful to have someone provide their recommended vendors to you in a list for each category that you’re looking for which will save you the time and energy of asking around, googling, or consulting places like Yelp! Part of your Wedding Planners job is to provide you their top 3 vendors that fit your budget and your style so that it narrows down your choices specifically for you. It is so reassuring to work with familiar vendors so that you feel comfortable, confident, and at ease with the service they’re providing – your Wedding Planner shouldn’t want it any other way!
Without a doubt, a Wedding Planner is hired to make your life easier for the duration of your planning and especially on your wedding day. Our main goal is to make sure that on your Wedding Day you are not stressing about who should be wear and when, lighting candles, hunting down the DJ, or any thing else. So much can happen on the big day
and our goal is to prevent you from knowing any of it until all is said and done – that is our job!

I tell every bride I meet that without a doubt, they must hire a Day-Of Coordinator. If you’re the type of person that loves to plan, loves to make decisions, and really own the work that goes into planning your wedding, than perhaps a Full-Time wedding planner isn’t necessary – and more power to you! But when it comes to the big day please let someone else do all of the final work of day-of coordination to help you. That’s all a Wedding Planner wants to do, is help you and make sure that your day is as easy and as flawless as possible!

Good Luck and Happy Planning!

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