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December 1, 2018
Roasted Carrot & Tomato Vegan Soup
January 31, 2019

And, we meet again old friend!

I am so excited to be back and debuting a brand new website to launch! Isn’t this so exciting? I know I am super excited! The anticipation of this has been killing me for months now, but I wanted to make sure that I was ready to fully commit prior to launching this to the public. I had so much fun doing the Live Instagram launch last week with you all! I am so grateful for all of the love and support that surrounds me and encourages me to pursue my dreams with this website!
I dream of this website being a household name. A brand. So much more than just a simple blog. I want my potential clients to seek me out through my Events by Pins & Petals page. I want clients – past, present, and potential – to love looking through my portfolio which is just a glimpse into some of the events that I have planned, designed, and fully coordinated. I want these clients of mine to hire me not just because of my experience but because they believe in me and all that I am capable of doing. Most importantly, I want my clients to know me and to like me whether I am planning their event or not. I realize that might sound silly; to want to be liked. Without a doubt, it is true. In this industry it is so important for clients and their planners to truly connect and feel like friends – like they just get each other – and that is what I am all about.

I would love my blog to be a place where people all over the world feel like my friend, also. I want people to come to blog and read my posts because I make them laugh, I motivate them, I encourage them to try new things, or just simply because they can relate to me on some level. I am really eager to start adding to both my recipe section and my home section because I am so behind on all of the major products that we’ve done around here! I think it would be really fun to start incorporating cooking videos on my Instagram so that people can get some new recipe ideas and get a glimpse into my nightly dinner prep! I want this blog to be a place that people go to as a fun pastime and leave with a smile.

I envision my shop page being a fun place where you can find a curated collection of some of my favorite things from kitchen gadgets to home decor to beauty products and even kids items! I love to shop and I love finding really cool things and sharing my awesome finds or great products with everyone. I also want this section to be a place where you can request to see things that you have seen on my Instagram feed, also. It’s important to me that people know who I am, know my style, and know that although some things here and there are pricey – I do not live an expensive lifestyle on a day to day basis.
I hope that this website becomes a place of fun for you! A mom hang-out. An Event Planner go-to. A home-cooks recipe inspiration. A shoppers guide to some cool things. Whatever the reason is that you come here; come in & stay a while.

I welcome you with open arms and a warm heart!


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