It Smells A Lot Like Christmas!

IMG_0434 (2)

Without a doubt, one of my favorite times of year is Christmas time. Actually, I really love from right before Thanksgiving until shortly after the New Year. I love to bake and I love to spend time in the kitchen with the little ones creating memories of baking special treats, decorating cookies, building gingerbread houses, and then packaging everything up and walking around to distribute it all to our friends, family, and neighbors.

While I am home this Holiday season I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend more time enjoying this time with the kids; especially with Holland since she gets one-on-one time with me every morning while the older two are at school. This girl is a ball of energy and so much fun. She can definitely be stubborn and sassy but she is one of the funniest kids, ever! She loves being given a task that she can accomplish proudly on her own and she thrives on the opportunity to do a “big kid” activity like decorating cookies with mom.  Holli loved helping decorating the cookies and really, really loved eating sprinkles. By the handful.


The two of us spent the better part of an hour dipping cookies, piping cookies, and sprinkling them with every Christmas sprinkle we could find in the pantry.  We had snowmen, gingerbread men, mittens. snowflakes, Christmas trees, and Santa! These shortbread cookies are beyond adorable and so delicious. Shortbread cookies are by far my favorite, especially with the hint of almond extract that I added to the dough!

IMG_0451 (1)

You may not be able to distinguish the cookies decorated by the 3-year-old and the cookies decorated by this 32-year-old. I will tell you this; they’re all delightful and we were both so proud of our cookies that we enjoyed decorating together!

IMG_0444 (1)

With life being so busy with work, kids, family, and all of that, it is so easy to forget to stop and enjoy the little moments. I encourage all of you to spend some time doing a fun activity with the little ones in your life and remember what this Holiday season is all about!





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