New Year, New House, New Promises


It would literally take me a year to just catch-up on life and all that has happened since my last post almost ONE YEAR AGO. My goodness. If that doesn’t sum up life and the chaos as I know it, I don’t know what would.

Let me quickly recap with some major moments; Poppy turned 5, Hudson turned 4, Holland turned 2, we went to Disneyland TWICE, Legoland  & San Diego with the kids for the first time, we sold our first home and bought a (bigger!!!) home just a few blocks away, we adopted another doggy, Hudson started preschool, Poppy started Kindergarten, I chopped off roughly 15″ of hair, I had a pretty rough miscarriage, and Hudson is no longer gluten or dairy free. Of course, I could sprinkle that with lots of little things here and there but who has time for that? Life happened. It always happens. I am certain it happens most in the blink of an eye. Lots of the aforementioned life moments have been very exciting and very stressful at the same time, because, I am human.

I have been very fortunate to learn a few things along the way, though. For example;

  1. I am not the type of parent who cries on the first day of school.
  2. My kids do best with surprise trips which makes the car-ride much easier, even with 2 out of 3 kids getting car sick and vomiting.
  3. I learned that moving sucks. Especially when you do it all yourself. And it sucks even more with kids. Little kids. And dogs. Despite having moved just 4 blocks away from our old house I can say inexplicably that it sucks. If we can own this home forever and ever, I may just do it so that I never have to move again!
  4. I learned that no matter how old you are, what your relationship status is, your financial means, or the immeasurable love you hold in your heart, a surprise pregnancy (not even my first surprise pregnancy — note, Holland) is difficult to swallow. I further learned that a complicated pregnancy ending in a miscarriage (and surgery) throws a wrench in the system like never expected, leaving mixed emotions that perhaps only a therapist could decipher.
  5. I learned that no child is the same. Holland, my youngest, is a crazy spitfire. With that being said – I have further learned that potty-training any 2 (or 3) kids will NEVER be the same experience. Ever.
  6. I learned that being proactive in your child’s health is always the best-bet. Hudson is still struggling with his growth and we are seeking answers everywhere we can. We’ve seen a pediatrician, a pediatric gastroenterologist, and a pediatric endocrinologist so far. We’ve done lots of blood-work, we’ve had x-rays, we’ve had scans, we’ve done physicals, we’ve done extensive restricted diets, and we’ve done overindulged diets… It is not easy not having answers and although it is reassuring to have positive results finally, the fear of the unknown is still daunting and the very low percentages is scary.
  7. I learned that a strong support system is crucial in life. These supporters can be friends or family, and they might even be the people you least expect. But they are important in good times and in bad. In times of need and in times of sharing. These people are not only important in my life but they are incredibly important in my children’s life, too. They provide love, laughter, and life. They provide kindness. They provide influence (mostly positive!). They provide guidance. They give my children a great example of how important it is to focus less on the quantity of friends and more on the quality.

With all that I have learned in my year of absence from this blog I would really like to move forward in the new year sharing my life lessons, my fun experiences, and something I am really excited about – the progress of making our new (to us) house our dream home. I hope you all enjoy reading what I have to say, share how you can relate or simply enjoy looking at my pictures!




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