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November 3, 2015
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January 9, 2017

Holland’s Pink Lemonade Stand

You know that moment when your baby turns 1 and you instantly have anxiety and think she’s going to be headed to college like tomorrow? Yeah. It’s a parent-thing. I swear that her first birthday sent me into complete hysterics. Not because I am super emotional or sentimental but because it hit me that this was the last time I’d be celebrating a FIRST birthday. My last baby was turning 1. I’d never experience this momentous occasion again. Sure, I have 3 kids who will all celebrate many special birthdays ahead, but this special moment also marked my last baby no longer being a baby… Excuse me while I go grab a tissue, I think there’s something in my eye…
To celebrate my final baby turning 1 I went with a bright, fun, cheerful theme that would be great for a nice Summer day; Pink Lemonade Stand. And because without fail, the weather system hates me and what should have been a sunny warm day turned into a cloudy, overcast, RAINY day, it made for a slightly less-outdoor party than I had imagined. Having said that, the weather did clear up a bit shortly after the party started and people were able to enjoy being outside — even when there was a slight sprinkle in the air at times. Mother Nature… her and I don’t love each other sometimes, moody bitch. Ha.
So for Holli’s party, I stuck with shades of pink & yellow and decorated with lemons, pinwheels, galvanized buckets, and mason jars. It all just seemed to go.
I made some things myself but I also paid to have a lot of other things made for me because sometimes, it is just easier. I made the super cute Lemonade & Bake Sale stands myself which was the biggest project but also really easy and cheap, too. I found a bunch of wooden crates on Craigslist and bought a dozen of them. We laid them out on tarps on the driveway and painted them white with leftover ceiling paint we had than I went back and painted some yellow stripes onto them. I used left-over wood my dad had to make the signs & the supporting pieces on the side. Then I just screwed the crates together in various configurations and nail-gunned the sides and sign on. For the signs, I wanted them to look simple and like a kid painted them – so I didn’t worry about handwriting or being perfect. I did a few different sizes so that some could be used for actual display and others could be used for the photo-op area. I gathered a bunch of leftover fabrics in the appropriate colors and made some quick banners to hang on them for added decor, also.
With decorating being the easy part and the food being the aspect that people always stress over, I opted to not do any cooking! There is a local hot-dog-cart vendor that I love and we use their services for any bigger more casual party. Everyone loves a hot dog! And theirs are delicious!
For desserts, I wanted a whole bake-sale feel. I had a mix of cookies, cakepops, Holland’s little cake, and a bunch of fruit bars. As usual, the desserts were delicious and a huge hit! I also made a little sign with the “prices” of the various bake sale items that we had out — it was Holli’s menu!
Everyone enjoyed the desserts – especially these handsome guys!
Holland wasn’t a huge fan of eating cake, but she sure did like the cookies!
At the big 1st birthdays, we include our childless friends, too, so we like to make sure that they can make it through a kids party without wanting to run for the hills. We do this by supplying them with alcohol! haha! But seriously, though. Some parties just need some beer & wine… don’t judge me. Of course this is not a focal point. But, my point in showing this is that it is really simple and easy to incorporate a small serve-yourself-bar at any party. I just used a whole bunch of mason jars for the wine/champagne to make it a little more casual.
Despite the weather being a bit unpleasant at times, we had some outdoor activities for the kids like a whole bubble station which was a huge hit for Holland!
For me, parties are so much fun. It might be a little stressful leading up to it or decorating the day-of, but then when it all comes together and you can sit back and have fun with friends and be silly in a photobooth — that’s when it is worth it. Holland’s party was no exception; we had a blast with the photobooth! I found the cutest photobooth props on etsy and just printed them out, cut them out, and glued them to dowels that I found at Joanns. We had a blast with them!
We are always surrounded by the best of friends. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people are us but more importantly, around our children. Each and every one of them is special to us in some way. Holland is so lucky to have so many people love and support her and who will be around to watch her grow up into the woman she is to become.
Happy Birthday, Holland Waverly! You are so strong, stubborn, and super feisty! You have been the perfect addition to this family and every day with you brings smiles to our faces!

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