Holland Waverly’s Sweet Nursery

From the moment that I found out I was expecting another sweet baby girl, I knew that I wanted her room to be feminine and elegant. I’m not one to do the babyish rooms as you can see in Hudson’s room and also the kids shared room. I like rooms that will grow with kids and not feel too babbyish by their first birthday.

When I had Poppy I was adamant that I would avoid everything pink and girly for her. Her room was the lightest shade of lavender with a really rich deep plum accent wall. It was very pretty and elegant but by no means girly. So, naturally, with Holland I wanted all things girly!

As I always say, it is really important for me to find an inspiration piece that will set the tone for whatever it is that I am doing. In this case, the inspiration piece were these big beautiful white tissue paper flowers that I happened across. I was in Las Vegas while 5 months pregnant for a huge event planners/industry event and on one of the days people did mock set-ups for events. One wedding planner did a stunning backdrop of gold lame and sequins fringed strips hanging down with these big beautiful paper flowers hanging on top of this faux-curtain. photo 1She had made them on-site with her colleague and did not care to ship them back across the country where she came from, so she told me in conversation that I could have them. I left that part of the conference and returned to my hotel room and couldn’t stop dreaming about these flowers. I wanted them SO badly. They were stunning and exactly what I needed for Holland’s room but HOW would I get them from Las Vegas to the Bay Area? I went back and forth and finally decided that I HAD to have them so I texted the planner who made them and she said that they were left in the room to be thrown out. THROWN OUT!?I quickly threw on some shoes and ran across two hotel lobbies back to the conference center to retrieve them. Mind you – I was pregnant so “running” could be an overstatement. Upon my return there were only 3 left – and one was very mangy looking. So I grabbed the two good ones and made the trek back to my hotel room. photo 4The flowers are SO big (and I am SO NOT) that they were literally almost as big as me! I went to the hotel’s business services and they helped me to safely package them up to ship home. $60 later and the flowers were en-route to my house! If you’ve ever looked up the pricing of HUGE handmade tissue paper flowers like these on Etsy, you’ll agree that $60 was a GREAT price to pay! Could I have made them myself? Probably. But hot glue gun burns and paper cuts just didn’t sound fun to me.

I mean, aren’t they gorgeous?? They were so worth the running, schlepping, packaging, and shipping fee for these beauties!!! These flowers – this is what I needed to begin my room-planning for Holland.

Next up was the wall color. I wanted feminine but not bubblegum pink. I wanted soft and pretty and romantic. I opted for Demure Pink by BEHR which was just the most beautiful shade of soft peachy pink that I had ever seen. My husband (and brother and dad) joke around about how I test a solid 18 colors painting any project before deciding on one. This time I chose the color on my first try. How about that!

photo 1 (2)Demure Pink Paint

So bye-bye lovely gray walls from Hudson’s room and hello beautiful Demure Pink walls! photo 3 (2)And with the new sweet pink paint color all of the white doors & trim in the room needed to be freshened up with really bright shiny bright white paint.
Look at what a difference this makes! I had no idea how not-white the doors & trim were until I did this side-by-side comparison. Bright shiny white is my new favorite thing!!

Since I am all about the little details, I was obsessing over the ugly chrome oval door knobs on her bi-fold closet doors that just weren’t going to cut it for me. A trip to Anthropologie was crucial because their vintage inspired door knobs are to die for. Anthropologie door knobsI found two very pretty dusty rose crystal cut knobs with a deep bronze base that went perfectly! They were simple and understated but added a nice girly touch and a little vintage feel.

Once the room was painted it was time for furniture. I found the most beautiful convertible crib and changing table that was a bronze wrought iron with intricate details that I adored. The crib could be a 4-post bed or have a canopy and then when she gets bigger could be converted to a full size bed. It was exactly what I was looking for. I opted to have the crib in the 4-post style and hung the gorgeous flowers behind it. Holland's bed with hanging flowers

The posts act sort of like a frame for the photos. It works perfectly.

For her dresser I contacted a friend of mine who is a vintage/antique dealer and I bought a great vintage long white dresser from her. It’s petite and narrow and has brass drawer pulls and the perfect beveled curves and claw foots. Vintage perfection for her feminine room.Vintage dresser

Her bedding was made by yours truly – along with her changing pad covers & crib sheets. photo 1 (3)I picked out all of the fabrics and made a tiered ruffled bed skirt, 4 double-sided bumpers (gasp! bumpers, I know I know!) and some miscellaneous items to coordinate like crib sheets, changing pad covers, blankets, receiving blankets, burp cloths, etc. photo 2 (3)Her bumpers are a sage green on one side with a patterned fabric on the other that has a very ornate design which consists of coral, peach, gold, bronze, periwinkle, and sage green set on a linen background. The piping is a periwinkle blue. Her bed sheet (the one I use the most) is a bronze with tiny gold metallic hearts on it.10988484_914718005225117_4253616074742284905_n The skirting is alternating peach ruffles and ivory with gold metallic dot ruffles. To just hear the description of everything it sounds like it could be a bit much or like it doesn’t all go together, but it does. It’s the perfect combination together, I swear! And with her soft peach walls, all of the colors really stand out and pop against it! What I love most about her bedding is that it is so unique and adds great dimension and color to the room. For my fellow sewers – i just made simple bumpers with piping & ivory ribbon ties.
Ruffled Crib Skirt

The skirt is just your standard ruffle (but the length of the crib) alternating and sewn onto a base to secure it. For the skirt I made it height-adjustable, too. So it’s one panel on the front that I have stick-on Velcro pieces that I adjust depending on the crib height. It saddens me to say that as I write this, I have already had to lower it twice!!!! She just loves her bed so much, too. I mean, I cannot say for certain, but I think she probably feels pretty tranquil in it with all of the soft calming pretty colors!

photo 4 (2)

I used the same glider that I had in Hudson’s room since the dark wood & ivory cushion went just fine with her room, too. I just made a pretty throw with one of the Holland's throw blanketmany fabrics I picked out for her room + a white minky backing. It is a great throw blanket and comes in handy for the occasional middle of the night snuggle sessions. I also have the pretty gold “LOVE” pillow on her glider now, too. It was cute in her crib but not safe once she started moving around so it got relocated. Again, comes in handy for our snuggle sessions in her chair! Behind the chair I have two long rectangular mirrors that are bronze with a beveled mirror in the center. They have a great detail at the top and bottom that is almost like a scrollwork. photo 4 (2)

My mom found them at Lamps Plus many many years ago and let me hang them in our house when we first bought it 6 years ago. When I wanted to incorporate mirror into Holland’s room I knew these mirrors would go perfectly. They’re slightly hidden behind her chair but I don’t know that I will have the chair in there much longer, anyways.

Shower Curtain "curtains"


The curtains in her room were re-purposed and already on hand – one less thing to have to spend money on, right? The panels are actually white ruffled shower curtain panels – without the plastic backing. I decided they would work perfectly in her room so I swapped them out. They don’t do much for blocking out the light since they’re sheer but if I ever need to darken her room I can always add white black-out backing panels behind it. photoI sought out my friend who sells the vintage items again and I bought gorgeous bronze tie-backs from her and the contrast of them with the white curtains is quite lovely!

On her walls I have a variety of artwork, signs, and decor that I have found at various places. I love everything in her room, but I do have some favorite pieces… I love her hand-made sign that is to the right of her changing table. It is by Hello LouLou and it says “Sure as flowers bloom in spring you are such a pretty thing”. I just love it so much. I love all of her work, actually. I have a few other pieces in our house, too!  Another favorite piece in Holland’s room is the empty 3-oval bronze wooden picture frame that I found at the local flea market when she was about a month old. I added white and metallic gold polka dot ribbon to it so that it looks like it is hanging from it. It’s “hanging” from a vintage brass bow that I found on etsy, too.photo 4

I also really really love her “holland” sign which I had custom-made by the fabulous Jaxn Blvd. It is the most beautiful Anthropologie wallpaper background with her name in gold glitter on top of it and a pink wooden frame. I am obsessed with it.

photo 2 (4)Look how sweet this is! You should for sure check out Jaxn Blvd. Her signs are all handmade and they are awesome. Some are beautiful, some are funny, and some are seasonal. But they’re all absolutely great!!

And lastly, another little piece that I made for her room… One of my dear friends gave us a gift when I was pregnant and I LOVED the bag so much it was my very first initial piece of inspiration for wanting a girly room for the baby. The colors were gorgeous. The pattern was lovely. It was everything.

photo 2I bought a frame from my antique-dealing friend (I’m clearly quite lucky to have a friend like her!!) and I loved the frame because it was chunky and chipped and weathered but so ornate and pretty. It didn’t have glass which I was totally fine with, too. So I cut down the bag and stapled it into the frame and proudly hung it up at the entrance of her room.

I recently found a super cute long white shelf with rounded edges and two large wooden bows underneath it. I saw it on a Facebook garage sale site and loved it. I thought it was going to be a small shelf that I could hang above her light switch but it ended up being this huge 3′ long shelf that required some rearranging of her room. I hung it under her window and I use it as a little bookshelf for her very own books – which I keep adding to her collection.Bookshelf Under the shelf I have the two vintage gold hat boxes that a kind neighbor gave me as she was clearing out her house. The hat boxes work as really cute decorative storage for her toys that stay in her bedroom.

As like most rooms in our home, Holland’s is always being tweaked with little things here and there. I swap out her dresser decor or the blanket I have on her chair, or I add a vase or whatever. It always needs a little perfecting. I have bought signs for her room at Hobby Lobby, used picture frames that I had around the house, and used mini apothecary jars on her dresser to display her hospital bracelets and newborn hat. I bought 4 dark brown baskets from Amazon to use for her changing table necessities like diapers & her homemade wipes, socks/shoes, pajamas, and night-time diapers. Having extra storage in the changing table helps to keep her small dresser drawers organized which is crucial for baby girls who have entirely way too many clothes and accessories!

photo 5 (2) photo 5

I think Holland’s bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It is just so sweet and lovely and has a great combination of old, new, re-purposed, and handmade. I love it & she sure does, too!

Holland's Room

And since no post about a sweet little girls room is complete without pictures of said sweet girl in her bedroom, here are some shots of Holland enjoying her room!

photo 4 (3) photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2) Holland Waverly in her room

Oh, and that lovely rug the kids are enjoying laying on? It’s an Ivory & beige  Moroccan print panache rug by Loloi Rugs. It’s soft and durable and we love sitting on it to read stories and play all the time!







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