Welcome Home Party!


Maybe that title is a bit misleading… I technically haven’t been away from home. As a matter of fact, I have been so consumed by my home & the little ones living in it that I have completely neglected my blog. And, I miss my blog! So I am coming back home to it.

I may have been a bit busy with my new Etsy Shop, also – just a tad bit busy – that most of my “spare” time has been dedicated to getting orders out.

I have so much to get to from the last, oooooh 8 months. Ack! Everything from our really cute Kids Pajama Christmas party, to Holland’s very own room, to Poppy’s Pink Princess Tea Party for her 4th Birthday and so much more. And now right around the corner, Holland’s 1st birthday. I have also done some house redecorating which I am super excited about and I will likely post about my 50 pound weight loss journey, too.

I have lots to share and hope everyone is excited to read it all!


Stay Tuned.



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