My Etsy Shop is Open! {Major Announcement}

Quick! Quick! Alert the Press! I have opened an Etsy shop!

Ok, so maybe the press doesn’t need to know. Though, it might be nice…

My plan is to use my Etsy shop to sell my custom baby gear that I make (burp cloths, blankets, receiving blankets, room decor, etc etc etc.) and possibly even use it to sell other stuff like party decor or… well, who knows! The Sky is the limit, really.

Here is my shop and here is a preview of some of the custom baby items that I make and will be selling…pinsandpetalsshop 14286_914716048558646_9091724669907418125_n 1456553_914716588558592_6700046223278412842_n 1503357_914709668559284_6875449034725102808_n 10253882_10155263291255121_604130157814574712_n1908316_914709941892590_3312638385299029694_n1503360_914709745225943_5885597114861164506_n 1601427_914715778558673_5553322801599329147_n    10363328_785849604778625_17642969507307894_n10423732_785849578111961_8809211586291006182_n 10422004_914709901892594_1479092099880454431_n 10343484_914709768559274_4288555056785475454_n 10426198_818145514882367_6512632115632087000_n 10858571_914716835225234_4549162125773604093_n10551092_814307058599546_6233092694532706429_n 10600471_816904198339832_4041976167077618448_n  10926378_914715705225347_3906509582552804946_n 10968299_914709811892603_3699851920176907212_n10959299_914715845225333_7411925182584861073_n 10959854_914717755225142_4691981419543292433_n    10985573_10155263291300121_5138269483704074166_n photo 1 10968591_914715811892003_6691013772023598418_nphoto 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 510988484_914718005225117_4253616074742284905_n

Tell me your thoughts...

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