Fall Wreath {DIY Home Decor}

There are some home decor items that I just cannot understand why on earth they cost so much; throw blankets, decorative pillows, and wreaths – to name a few. All 3 are relatively easy to make and unless they’re something very intricate or ornate, I just cannot believe what people charge for them! Having said that, I can’t say that I’ll never purchase any of the above mentioned items… however, I do try to make them first.

I’m just now getting into this whole decorative wreath trend that I have never really been a fan of, until now. I’ve made some in the past like the colorful tulle birthday wreath and my LOVE Valentines Day wreath and my Easter Egg wreath, and a few others that I haven’t written about, but, I am not the best about actually hanging them up all the time. I am working on it, though.

With all of the wreaths that I currently have in rotation, I noticed that I don’t have a Fall/Thanksgiving wreath and that was sad since it’s my favorite time of year. As I was packaging up the decorations from Hudson’s Woodland Themed birthday party, I reserved some of the decorations to make a wreath for the house. I kept an owl, a wooden set of mushrooms, and some leaves. I already had the twine for the pennant and the burlap for the bow. The remainder of the wreath decorations I bought at Hobby Lobby; some crystal springs in orange and mustard yellow, some fall colored flowers, the beautiful big oval wreath itself, and the mini Kraft chip board pennant banner pieces.

Fall Wreath beginningI started by finding the center point on the bottom curve of the big oval wreath and marking it with some of the decorative leaves. I just started to tuck some leaves in going up the right side until it looked good to me. Then I went back and tucked in the crystal sprigs and flowers and primped it a bit until it had a nice look to it. In order to keep it all secure, I didn’t want to glue it down just in case I want to change it up later on, so I used pieces of twine and tied it firmly around the wreath and the decor in a few different places.

Once I had that portion done I added the mushroom, the owl, the burlap flower, and the burlap bow. It’s kind of hard to get a good view of how  it really looks while it is laying down flat on my kitchen table, so I went and hung it up on the front door to get a better view.

Fall WreathIt looked cute but had an unfinished feel about it mainly because there was so much empty space both on the wreath itself and the inner portion was just wide open. A pennant seemed like a cute way to fill the space.

I went to my handy Cricut and cut out the words “Happy Fall” in orange paper and glued each little letter to a small Kraft Chip Board pennant then I sealed it with Mod Podge so that the outdoor elements wouldn’t cause the letters to lift or peel off.

Cricut letters happy fallAfter those were dry I cut two pieces of twine and looped one piece through each word. Then I tied them onto the wreath in a fun asymmetrical placement in order to give balance to the wreaths open-space.

Fall Wreath I think it turned out pretty cute! And all in all, it cost me maybe $15 for the materials (not including what I already had and the things from Hudson’s Birthday). But still. Pretty cheap compared to what is sold already-made at Hobby Lobby!






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