Marshmallow Mushroom Pops {DIY Themed Party Treats}

If you haven’t read my post about Hudson’s 2nd birthday party and only read the last post about my DIY Styrofoam Mushrooms you might conclude from this one that I am some kind of weirdo with a mushroom obsession. I mean, you wouldn’t be too far off, actually… but, that’s not what this is about, really.

Marshmallow Mushroom Pops

For Hudson’s super cute Woodland themed 2nd birthday party mushrooms just went perfectly with it. So, I made various mushroom projects! This one is edible, which, is the best kind of project. And what makes it even better? It is quick, cheap, and easy! Ok, maybe it is a bit tedious. But come on – you can snack on the “mess-ups” which is always a plus.

All you need is:

(1) Bag of large marshmallows – you could even use the jumbo ones!
(1) Bag of Red candy melts – I prefer Wilton’s
(1) Bag of White Chocolate Chips – I prefer Ghiradelli but you could also use the Wilton’s white candy melts, also
(1) Bag of lollipop sticks

*Tip: The Wilton’s melts are much cheaper at your local craft/hobby stores – I just added the Amazon link so you knew what I was talking about

Skewer the marshmallows with the lollipop sticks. Make sure that the stick goes all the way through the marshmallow but doesn’t come out the top – just to the edge – this will help it from falling off when you dip them. Melt only the red candy melts, first, about 1 cup. Dunk each marshmallow into the melts and swirl or tap off the excess. You can dunk them in as far as you’d like – I did about 1/2 of it or a little less. But remember, no two mushrooms are alike (or is that a thumb print? or Snowflake? Hmmm…) anyways – they can all be different, unless you’re super OCD… Ok, back to the project at hand. after I dipped mine I poked them into blocks of Styrofoam so that they could dry upright. Once they were dry (less than an hour) I melted some of the white chocolate (about 1/3 cup) in the microwave. I use this method: 30 seconds, stir, 15 seconds, stir, 15 seconds, stir, until it’s fully melted. I used an extra lollipop stick and dipped it into the white  chocolate and then dabbed it onto the red mushroom cap. I just kept repeating that until it looked about right to me. Once it was done I would poke it back into the Styrofoam to dry – which is pretty quick. I made about 36 of them and made them all during one nap-time – so about 2.5 hours. They were far from perfect. But they were cute and yummy!

marshmallow mushroom pops

To decorate with them/be able to eat them readily, I displayed them in bark and logs that I had my dad drill small holes in. Of course not everyone can do that, so you could use cake-pop stands, Styrofoam, the green florist foam, bowls/vases filled with rocks, whatever you can think of!

marshmallow mushroom pops

I love marshmallows so I found them to be a perfect little treat! And, the Birthday Boy loved them, too!

Hudson Rugala




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