And Baby Makes 5… {Birth Announcement- the Backstory}

Where in the world did I disappear to? I’d love to recount some amazing foreign travels that consumed my time and computer-access, but that is simply not the case. Although I wasn’t traveling the world, I have been super busy. I’ve been working, decorating, lightly remodeling, crafting, being a wife and mommy… and most importantly, doing something that I consider far more exhilarating and time-consuming than anything else; having our 3rd baby! You might feel the need to re-read that last sentence a time or two, but let me ease your mind (or eyes in this case); that’s no type-o, we had our third beautiful baby in 3.5 years. Lord. It’s exhausting just typing that! Let me fill you in on the back-story…

So, it was around the first week of December and I had just accepted an amazing job working at UC Berkeley. It was my first time back to work in over a year. I was super excited and loving the start of my new job. That first weekend we decided to take the kids to see Santa for the first time, ever. We hadn’t prepped the kids on what to expect or what to say or even that the jolly old fella would be asking them what they wanted for Christmas. It was a whole new experience for them. So, here we are, in line to see Santa with Poppy (2.5 at the time) and Hudson (just turned 1) and it’s finally our turn. Poppy hops up on Santa’s lap while Hudson clings to me for dear-life. Santa says to Poppy “So, what would you like for Christmas, Poppy?” and her response “A baby sister”. Brian and I laughed and laughed. Where did she get that from? And my God, that was not happening any time soon! We tell her, maybe you can ask the Easter Bunny for that ’cause it is definitely not going to be your Christmas present, but how about a doll? Brian and I had a clear agreement; the 3rd baby we wanted would wait. Hudson was a handful and I had just started a big new job. Our house was finally working for us with everyone in their own cute little rooms and space was at its max. No more babies for a while. Maybe a couple of years. Despite us telling her that wasn’t going to happen, she stuck by that request like white on rice. She told everyone it’s what she wanted. That girl was persistent.

Here’s our little family on that infamous morning with Santa

Rugala Family with Santa


Cut to Christmas morning. It is our tradition to open gifts at our house and then go over to my parents house to open gifts there with the rest of my family and then over to Brian’s parents house to open their gifts there. Busy morning, lots of gifts, total chaos. So there we were at my parents house, enjoying our Christmas morning giving gifts, opening gifts, playing with the kids and even having a mimosa or two! Randomly it occurred to Brian and I that my monthly visitor hadn’t come, yet. I chalked it up to being so busy with the new job, my hard work losing weight and gym regime, and whatever – I wasn’t worried & I hadn’t even thought about it until that point. Brian decided to make a quick Starbucks run for me so I had him pick up a pregnancy test at Safeway for me – just in case. He got home and I quietly excused myself to take a trip to the restroom and take the test because I was super sure it would be negative and I wanted to ease Brian’s mind… and then, I got the quickest positive pregnancy test, EVER. Yeah. I was in SHOCK. My stomach basically dropped out, my heart stopped, my face drained of all color, and I may have stopped breathing. HOLY CRAP I AM PREGNANT. I tried to compose myself with mixed feelings of joy and sheer shock and dismay before going back to the family room. I started walking up the stairs and Brian took one look at me and knew. We both lost color. He texted me from across the room “HOLY SH**! WE ARE F*@(*#” . Yeah, so maybe that wasn’t a warm reception to finding out that you’re expecting another beautiful baby. But the reaction was what came to mind first, I must admit. We did NOT want to tell our family, yet. We had to process this on our first and come to terms with this shocking (but eventually wonderful) news. So, it looks like Poppy got her Christmas wish! We waited to tell her when we got home… “Hey Poppy, you know how you wanted a baby sister for Christmas? Well, mommy has a baby in her tummy – and it might just be a baby sister for you!” She was ecstatic. But luckily because she wasn’t a huge talker, yet, we knew she wouldn’t go spread the word. The secret was safe with her.

Look how cute these two were last Christmas!

Christmas 2013

Now you know how that happened! I will be the first to honestly admit – it took me/us a while to fully embrace this surprise baby. We were excited. We were scared and nervous and unsure of how everything would work out with my work, maternity leave, our house, etc. But look at this sweet little girl – how could you not get excited over that?

Rugala sonogram 2013

We went about our lives. We eventually told everyone. We prepared ourselves, the kids, the house, etc. We found out we were indeed having a baby girl and I was due August 29th 2014. It was all going to fall into place and workout wonderfully! But man, was this sweet girl a surprise!!!

Stay tuned for her birth announcement & pictures next.




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