Monster Crayon Totes {DIY Kids Favor}

Monster Crayon ToteAs I very briefly mentioned in Hudson’s Monster Bash post, I was very eager crazy and decided to make two-dozen monster themed crayon totes as the kids favors. No, you do not need to re-read that sentence. I seriously did it. Clearly I had a triple shot (or more) the day I decided to take that project on…

It’s not so much that the project was difficult. It wasn’t. But it was tedious. It was detailed. And it was multiplied by 24. 24! Lord, I have I anxiety and hand cramps just thinking about this project.

On a serious note, it really wasn’t difficult but, yes, it did take me a while because I was just winging it and had a lot to make. They turned out super cute though and each monster bag was different from the next. Every child received one packed with a little coloring tablet, a pack of crayons, a monster lollipop, a couple other snacks, and the crayons that were in the front of the tote. It sounds like a lot. But all-together I would say each tote maybe cost me $6. Not including my labor. Or the band-aids to heal my tattered hands after making the bags. I kid, I kid.

So, here is a rough idea of how I made the bags…

I figured that I would need 3 pieces of felt per bag (different colors). For the Crayon dividers I got 2 rectangular pieces per piece of felt. Which makes 12 pieces of felt for the Crayon dividers. And for the handles, I was able to get 4 long strips per piece of felt. So I used 6 pieces of felt for all of the handles. If you’re not good at math, here is the break down;

3 Pieces of felt x 24 bags = 72 pieces of colorful felt for the monsters and actual tote
12 Pieces of felt for the Crayon dividers/pockets
6 Pieces of felt for the single-handle
10 pieces of felt for misc. such as eyes or “oopsies” (re: accidents do happen!)
= 100 pieces of felt for 24 bags.

I bought all of the felt separately so that I could pick out colors and be more particular, however, you can buy packs of 25 felt sheets for just $8. Which is a way better deal. Problem is, they come in primary colors and pastels. No brights. I like brights, so that was a bit of a bummer. But depending on what your theme is the other options could work for you.

Oh! I forgot!! I also used iron-on adhesive backing. I didn’t include this in my cost because I already had a ton of it from stocking up on a clearance sale a while back. But you’ll need that, too, unless you want to sew each monster on – which I did for a couple and then decided against it.

Monster Tote bags

Here’s how I did it – and I apologize for not photo-documenting each step but it really is quite simple;

Step 1:
Pre-cut your monsters (or any other shape, character, number, letter, etc) Pre-cut your Crayon dividers. Pre-cut your handles.

Step 2:
Sew the Crayon divider rectangle onto the monster/shape. Depending on your monster/shape size, there may be excess of the Crayon divider. Follow the outline of the monster/shape where it meets the rectangle piece. Only sew 3 sides leaving the top open. Then sew a line going from the bottom of the rectangular piece to the top of it every 3/4″ for the crayons. I sewed 8 little Crayon pockets per piece.

Step 2.5 (Optional step): If you are going to iron-on any additional shapes, eyes, etc. this is the time to do it.

Step 3:
Iron the pre-cut shape with the Crayon divider onto the iron-on adhesive backing. The reason why I did this was so that I could avoid excess waste of the iron-on backing, and also because my scissors get icky cutting the backing that has already been ironed-on.

Step 4:
Cut any excess backing off of the felt shapes

Step 5:
Iron each shape onto a single piece of contrasting felt. Don’t be shy with the iron; the felt is thick and takes a while to heat through.

Step 6:
Take the piece of felt that has the ironed on shape & Crayon divider and another blank piece of felt, turn them inside out. Sew around the 3 edges with a basic stitch, leaving the top open for the tote. Turn right-side-out

Step 7:
Take one handle piece (mine were roughly 1.5″) and pin one end to the front left corner of the bag and the other end to the back side right corner. Do a quick stitch to sew the handle onto the bag. I did a top stitch so that it would be cleaner.

Step 8:
Add the Crayons and stuff the bag with whatever goodies you feel like handing out!

Monster Tote Bags

As I take you through the 8-9 steps I am thinking to myself “That doesn’t seem that difficult, you whiner!”… and it’s not. But it is time-consuming, that is all.

The kids loved the bags. They were a huge hit. Both Hudson and Poppy love to carry theirs around and put other toys/dolls/snacks in it and take it here and there. It’s really cute. The felt is quite durable so it holds-up the craziness that are my 3 & 1.5 year old – which is the true test!!

Be sure to check out the rest of Hudson’s 1st Birthday Monster Bash, too!









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