The Hubby Turned 30! {Fiesta Themed Party}

I am going to preface yet another post with this; My posts are so out of sequence it’s not even funny. I am literally all over the board (and the calendar) with my posts… due to nothing but lack of promptness and organization of my photos. Probably in part because I rarely use a real camera – which is a huge shame and something I keep wanting to change… alas, most of my pictures are iPhone pictures or I put my sister and her fancy camera to work and snag the photos from her. Then, organizing them on my computer… blah! I am going to sound so old when I say this, but, I really miss printing pictures at the store. You take pictures, you take the film in, voila! Pictures. Now I have to plug-in my camera/phone, upload them to my computer, try to sort through the keepers and the discards, then upload to a picture-storing site, try to organize them on there, than print. It’s SUCH A HASSLE. I am not super tech-savvy nor do I have the patience to be on my computer for hours. I am the perfect candidate for old-time cameras with film. Seriously. Plus, it would cut down on my anxiety because every time I do actually get onto my computer and see the mess of photos that need to be organized and sorted and uploaded and condensed I literally have a panic attack. And I feel guilty because Poppy has like her first 15-months of life perfectly documented, sorted, organized, and printed PLUS backed up neatly on the computer in multiple places. Hudson’s looks something like this “May-July 2013” which contains more than just HIS pictures. None are printed. None are sorted or organized. BLAH. Poor 2nd child. And this 3rd child – I don’t even want to think about what his/her pictures will be like. Mommy-fail.

But, I digress. Back to this post, however out-of-sequence it may be…

So, my hubby turned 30! Every birthday I plan something for him. Sometimes a surprise and sometimes it’s too hard to keep a surprise. For this birthday of his I wanted to throw a party at our home for friends and family and I went with a Tequila/Fiesta theme. I had so much fun planning his party and decorating because it was evening cocktail party & adults only (minus Poppy who stayed up because it would have been way too loud for her to sleep with everyone there).

Thanks to the beautiful California weather in September the party was both indoors & outdoors which allowed me to decorate a lot more and carry the theme throughout.

I rented 3 tall cocktail tables so that guests could set their food/drinks down and mingle. I used a mix of orange and green plastic table cloths (found at the Dollar store!) and for their decor I put a lantern (blue & orange) that I found at TJ Maxx, a mini pinata from Amazon, and a small square glass vase that I filled with limes and peppers and assorted colored carnations. I also put out citronella candles to eliminate any bug-issues

tablespinatacocktail decorFor our canopy I hung mini paper lantern lights that I found on clearance at Target (for just $4.99 a box!) and then hung some assorted paper lanterns and decorations from the middle. I set up our patio furniture for more intimate sitting and topped off our LED lantern with a big sombrero.

outsideAs you can see in the above picture I also used a 6′ banquet table with a green plastic tablecloth for the food which I had catered by a local Mexican restaurant that we like. Everything was finger-food type hors d’oeuvre since it was a cocktail party. 

I set-up a tequila bar where the guests could choose from a whole selection of different tequila, mixers, and garnishes to create their favorite tequila-based drink. I had a separate bar that had pre-made margaritas for those that didn’t want to create-their-own.

I got all of the framed prints from various sellers on Etsy & used frames that I already had around the house.
take life

For the glasses to be used at the Tequila Bar I ordered them on the and had them shipped for free to my local store for pick-up. The plastic cactus stirs are also from Oriental Trading. I had mini maracas scattered all around, too. 
bar 1The plastic shot-glasses were purchased on Amazon and the jars the mixers were in were from TJMaxx. I printed fiesta-themed cards and wrote the type of mixers on it then taped them onto the jars.

barThe plastic margarita glasses were from Amazon, also.

drinksrinksnapkinsI always love for guests to walk-in and immediately get the theme of the party, so I make sure to decorate our entry-way credenza really well. 

decor 3entry decorTo keep with the theme, I ordered 3-dozen Cascaron’s and had them out on the entry-table and framed a brief description of what they are what they are used for. Cascaron’s are a Mexican tradition where an egg is hollowed out and filled with confetti. During times of celebration the egg is broken over someones head spilling the confetti everywhere. It is said to bring that person good luck. Throughout the night I encouraged (though it didn’t take much!) friends to break them over the Birthday Boy’s head to bring him lots of good luck in his 30th year! Yes, it made a GIGANTIC mess; but it was so much fun!
eggsbirthday boy

egg confetti(Cascaron mess!!)

I used our kitchen table for the dessert display. I had custom cake pops made that looked like limes & margarita glasses with a lime-wedge and some colorfully drizzled cakepops by Bit-of-Yum . They were adorable and delicious. The cake & cookies also in the theme of the evening were equally as cute and yummy and made by the Old Towne Danville Bakery.

Decorations included fun colorful flowers in a large jar with mini peppers filling the base. A tequila bottle, margarita glasses, and galvanized buckets. I also used emptied El Pato cans for flowers – super cute!

DecorCakeDecor 2CookiesCakepopscakepoplime cakepop

The night was quite a success! The Birthday Boy had so much fun, as did I and all of his friends/family. He doesn’t remember a whole lot of the evening thanks to the celebratory tequila shots, but, I remember it all & it was a blast!

Happy 30th Birthday, Honey! We love you so very much!!

Rugala Family




2 thoughts on “The Hubby Turned 30! {Fiesta Themed Party}

    • pinsandpetals says:

      HI Patty! I got the table runners on Amazon. They were inexpensive and cute but I didn’t love how they were a thick plastic material. It worked fine as I disposed of soiled ones and didn’t have to worry about storing them, but, I would have preferred cloth. But these were good and budget-friendly. Hope that helps!

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