Kids Reading Area {DIY Playroom Decor}

I’m sure that I have said it before and will probably say it again many  more times; I love reading. When my schedule permits, I can go through a book every couple of days. It’s a relaxing outlet for me and keeps my mind active. I would choose reading over watching TV any day hands-down.

I want my kids to love reading, too. I’m not an advocate of pushing things onto my kids or making my passions theirs, but, reading is an exception to that rule.

Poppy has always loved ‘reading’ which mostly just means looking at the pictures and/or me reading her the stories. But she loves it and I love that she loves it. Hudson… well, he doesn’t love it as much. I am hoping that in time he will learn to love it. I hope.

In the meantime, I have created the perfect reading area for them up in the playroom. They have every book right at their fingertips and many options for getting comfortable and enjoying their quiet reading time.

Here’s what I created for them:

Kids reading Corner


I’ll go through and point out some of the items as most of it was DIY.

The kids chair & ottoman you can find here. I bought the chair off of Craigslist and then created the slip cover for it. The ottoman I already had and recovered & added the pom-pom fringe.

The rug is from and was only $19. Steal!!!

The bookshelves was a great idea I was seeing all over Pinterest. They’re rain gutters purchased from Home Depot (1 long one) that I had my dad cut into 1/3’s. I put the end caps on them (also found at Home Depot) and then they were screwed into the wall to make sure they were secure for the little ones to reach & possibly grab a hold of while trying to get a book out of their reach.

rain gutter book shelves

The “READ” letters I bought at Joann’s for $2.00 each, sanded, then spray painted yellow. They’re stuck on the wall with 3M double-stick tape pieces. Very durable! (very similar to my Alphabet Wall).

READ diy wooden letters

The two floor-poufs I made, but sadly, I didn’t document the process. I had no idea what I was doing so I just ‘made it work’.  I cut a 1 yard of fabric (can be whatever height you want the pouf to stand), and then cut out the circles based on whatever circumference you want. I pinned and sewed piping to the round pieces, first. Than I pinned and sewed the rectangular around the circular piece, than sewed the seam of the rectangular piece. I then sewed the 2nd round piece onto the open side but left about 6″ open, stuffed that bad boy with poly filling, than stitched it up. Same process for both poufs.

photo (6) DIY Floor Poufs

The 3 pillows I just made basic pillow covers for pillows. No zippers, no buttons, nothing fancy using fabric that I already had. The yellow polka dot fabric I did a top-seam on to make it a little cuter but the other two are basic.

photo (3)

The bookcase I will be posting about. I bought a $20 raw pine bookcase/shelf unit from Joann’s. I sanded it, primed it, then painted it. Blue outside and white inside. I put 4 felt pads on it; one in each corner, and voila – kids perfect-height-bookcase/bench! (there will be a more detailed post to follow).

For the cushion I used my tried-and-true method you can find here and here except this time I did an envelope closure and put buttons down the backside to secure it closed and I also added piping to it. I used the above method to create the base of the cushion but this time I sewed piping between the large piece (top and bottom) and the sides. Than where I did the envelope closure *overlapping the finished-edge fabrics by about 1-2″* I used my sewing machine to create the button holes every 2″ than I sewed the buttons on where I marked the buttons should go. && I should note; For the kids safety/choking hazard, I keep the button side down so that they don’t try to pull them off and eat them. It’s not a huge concern of mine but they’re toddlers which means they are entirely unpredictable in what they may or may not do.

Bench Cushion with buttonsphoto 1DIY bookcase/bench cushion

I love this little area. It’s my favorite place in the playroom. It’s soft and comfy and warm and inviting. It encourages reading and quiet-time but also independence because they can go and relax looking at books whenever they want.




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