Hudson’s Monster Room {Kids Bedroom Decor}

Hudson in his crib

As you can clearly see from my previous post, I am completely out of sequence here with the timing of my posts and when they actually occurred in real life. But, a lot like my life, things are just going to be scattered with a side of organized. And in all fairness, Hudson’s room hasn’t been done that long…. and, as a matter of fact, it still isn’t complete thanks to some light construction that is still needed to complete our remodel. Alright, maybe I am just making excuses. So, here it is  – mostly – & better late than never.

What I love most about Hudson’s room is that it doesn’t scream “baby” and it isn’t sports-related. I chose to go with a Monster theme because I loved that it is whimsical and fun and colorful. His room has some custom pieces and a lot of DIY pieces in it, which I loved making for him. Since his room (previously Poppy’s room) didn’t get handed-over to him until he was about 5 months old, I had lots of time to get things done, thankfully.

We painted the room 2 shades of gray; Sparrow & Anonymous by Behr. We opted for a flat paint color so that there’s no shine to it whatsoever. We did two walls the lighter shade and 2 walls *technically 2 and a 1/4 wall pictured* the darker shade. It is a beautiful gray because it really doesn’t have any strong noticeable undertones as I found that most grays did.

Sparrow & Anonymous gray paint by BEHR

In the picture above you’ll see the DIY Monster Canvas  that I made hanging up behind our rocking chair. I still feel like it needs something above/below it but I haven’t found “it”. Also pictured is the 18″ square pillow that I made to match his bedding I sewed (to follow) and the curtains I made to match the bedding (also to follow).

One of my favorite pieces in his room are his custom monster graffiti art. We hired a graffiti artist and had him make 4 8×10 monsters on canvases. He used the colors we liked and just went with it. They turned out so great! They are bright and colorful and have sweet little faces and are happy monsters! I love that one has pink polka dots on his yellow body! My brother made really nice wooden frames for them – which I painted white – and then we just hung them up on the wall above his crib. *In the picture you can see the faint line going down and across the left side of the wall – that’s part of the construction that needs to be finished. The wall has to be patched, textured, and repainted. A cement post was put in behind that section of the wall to support the second floor that we added to create the playroom/Poppy’s room upstairs*
Custom Monster Art 1Custom Monster Artwork 2

You can see the monsters above his crib below, with the paper lanterns above on the ceiling.

Monster Themed Boys room

Knowing how particular I am, I knew that making Hudson’s bedding myself would be the best idea. I purchased all of the fabric on and purchased the bumper pad fillings from Joanns. I had no idea what I was doing, as usual, but I envisioned it and figured it out based on my vision. I’d love to say that it turned out flawlessly and easily right away. But that would be a big fat lie. His crib skirt was Not at all what I wanted it to be. I totally messed up on the measuring and forgot to take into consideration the center (and only) peek-a-boo pleat I had wanted, so when I went to sew that portion in, it was at least 36″ short. I was out of the striped fabric, too. MAJOR FAIL. I had to improvise by using the extra solid blue and making the entire front of it pleated. And I ended up liking it but I didn’t love it. But his bumpers turned out cute with orange & white polka dots on one side and Chartreuse and white chevron on the other side with orange piping and blue ties.

*Ignore the pink walls – this was photographed prior to the painting!*

DIY baby bedding DIY baby bedding bumper
DIY Baby bedding

I made a fabric scrap banner to hang on the wall above his name & initial vinyl decal that is on the wall. The fabric was a combination of his bedding scraps plus a few other fabrics that I had that matched/coordinated. I love how it turned out with so much color but I mostly love how it seemed to soften up his room and add texture & dimension to an otherwise long plain wall.  His vinyl decal was created by my dear friend Jenny on her cricut! She is super creative and did a wonderful job. Be sure to check out her super-new blog and follow her, too!!

Fabric scrap banner & vinyl monogram

Huddy’s little decorations are still coming along & I am not totally satisfied with things just yet. But here are some shots of his dresser & shelf decor.

photo (2) photo (4)
photo (1)

Hudson’s furniture is all from Ikea. His AMAZING and huge dresser (envy worthy!) & his changing table are from the same designer/line. His crib is also from Ikea but I purchased it brand new off of Craigslist (I am OBSESSED with the bright blue!) so I do not know the designer/line and it is no longer on their site or in their store. Oh, and his mobile – which matches PERFECTLY – was found in the clearance section at Target for $8!!! What a steal.

Oh, and his black metal trash-can ‘hamper’ is also from Ikea!

black metal trash can hamper

Some things were not pictured like his new white ceiling fan and his blue/yellow/black/white/green polka dot rug. But you get the point.

I still have a few things to do in his room like hang up two big pictures on either side of his vinyl name, paint his closet doors bright white, and of course the construction-based projects like tearing out the carpet and installing the hardwood floor we bought for the entire house, new baseboard,  and fixing his wall. But, it is fun and colorful and nice for now!




4 thoughts on “Hudson’s Monster Room {Kids Bedroom Decor}

  1. Hannah says:

    Love everything about this room! Saw it first on Pinterest. I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased the paper lanterns. Thanks!

    • pinsandpetals says:

      Hi Hannah! Thank you for the kind words. I purchased the paper lanterns at both Target & Party City. At Target they come in a pack of 3 and at Party City you can purchase them individually. Both stores offer assorted colors/patterns. Thanks for being a fan 😉 ~Erin~

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