Playroom Alphabet Wall {DIY Playroom Decor}

Alphabet Wall

The Alphabet Wall is pretty popular right now for kids rooms & playroom. Though I normally try to avoid the trendy or the popular since it can go out of style so quickly, I just don’t see how a wall of letters to use to teach the kids can go out of style. So I jumped on the bandwagon. Since I didn’t do anything ingenious that others haven’t done, I wanted to focus on a few of my favorite letters and my technique for decorating them.Plain Letters

In preparing for the wall project, gather all of the wooden or cardboard letters from your local craft stores. I got all of mine from JoAnns & Michaels. & don’t forget – their coupons ROCK! The letters aren’t cheap so use the coupons, people! But, I digress. Mix and match the letters to give the wall character. Use big & small, fancy & fun, wood & cardboard. Break it up. While you’re there, gather your decorating supplies; paint, spray paint, craft paper, fabric, buttons, stickers, glitter, etc. Get creative!!!! You could also do faux flowers, feathers, beads, etc. Use your imagination! Oh, and don’t forget Mod Podge, glue, paint brushes, hot glue sticks, and all of that good stuff.Spray Painted Letters For some of the letters I kept it simple and just spray painted them a solid color. Super easy. Just use a drop cloth, newspaper, or cardboard – though I recommend cardboard or a drop cloth because the letters won’t stick to them like they do newspaper.  I did two coats with a light sanding in between the two.

Now, bring on the glitter!! I wanted the letter for the kids names to stand out amongst all of the other letters so I decided to glitter them both. I spray painted one coat on the letter then let it dry completely. Once it was dry I used Mod Podge & a foam brush to brush a thin layer of the glue onto the letter and quickly poured the glitter onto it. After it sat there for a bit I tapped the excess off so that I could save the excess. And they just sparkled away!

885 886 887 888 889Green Glitter Letter

While I had my Mod Podge out I decided to use some of my scrapbook paper on a few letters. Since it’s the same technique for every letter, I opted to just show you the Z for (green) Zebra because it’s my favorite. It matches one of the pillows I made for the reading area which I LOVE. (Stay tuned for a post on that area of the playroom) So, to cover the letter in paper this is what you do… trace the letter onto the paper & cut it out. Sand the top of the letter slightly. I find this step really useful especially if the letter has a varnish previously on it. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge and very carefully adhere the cut out paper shape onto it. Let it dry onto the letter. Trim the paper part as needed. Apply a coat – or two – of Mod Podge on top of the paper that is glued onto the wooden letter. Let it dry.


F is for Flowers! So, I wasn’t very literal on all of the letters, but the ones that I could make work, I tried to make their decoration coincide with the letter. (Like the Z above!) So for the F I decided I would use all of my leftover flower stickers and die cuts from the scrap-booking that I just never got around to committing to. Some of the flowers required a little dollop of glue while others were already sticky. I just kept sticking them on trying to cover the letter completely. It turned out pretty cute. And I love that it provides texture to the letter, too. Oh, and I painted the letter first a very soft minty green.




Now, my favorite letter! Well, the letter isn’t really my favorite… I don’t have any particular attachment to it. But, the decoration for the letter is my favorite. And, Poppy’s favorite, too! We love our buttons. Poppy can sit and play with my jar of buttons forever. To cover the O in buttons I just hot glued the buttons on. I used all shapes, sizes, and colors & covered the letter. This was tedious. Even more tedious than gluing on all of the little flowers for the F.

Button Covered Letter

Button Covered Letter 2

Look how cute the buttons are!

Finished Alphabet Letters

I am really happy with how my letters turned out. Some might need a little paint touch up & others could use some decorations instead of being solid. But, when you spend so much time staring at something you’ll always find things to ‘fix’. But all in all, I am so happy with how it turned out. I cannot wait until Poppy is able to sing the alphabet with me!




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