Fabric Covered Letter {DIY Kids Wall Decor}

Fabric P with Doll


In Poppy’s ‘baby room’ she had her beautiful name displayed up on her wall in vinyl letters above her crib & next to the floor-to-ceiling tree with birds. In her new ‘big girl room’ I wanted something equally as cute & fun but a little more sophisticated. I mean, what 2 year your old doesn’t need some sophistication in her life? I also had to keep in mind that since her new room is also part playroom where her & Hudson (and future babes) will be playing, I didn’t want her name plastered up on every wall staking claim to the space. All the kiddies need to feel welcome in the playroom portion!

So, I decided to cover a big 24″ “P” and hang it on the wall. It’s a super quick and easy project that turns out really cute. It also has lots of wiggle room for variations & would even be cute with the remainder of the letters in her name written out along side it in matching green vinyl. Cute idea that I am still contemplating!

All you need:
Letter(s) of your choice & size. I used the 24″ 3D cardboard P from JoAnns
1/2-1 yard of fabric depending on the pattern you could use 1/2 yard and use the width or 1 yard and use the length
Hot Glue

Tracing the Letter PLay your letter onto your fabric in whichever direction you prefer the fabric to go. This picture, actually, is not a true accurate because I have the fabric upside down. Ooops! But, before I cut I noticed. Phew! I didn’t trace with a pen/pencil or anything because I’m just not a fan of extra steps when I trust my steady cutting hand. But, you could definitely trace the letter than cut – in which case I’d recommend tracing on the back side especially if your fabric is textured like my super cute ruffled fabric.
685My fabric letter. You’ll notice that it is a bit larger than the actual cardboard letter and that is because you need to be able to cover the sides, too. You’ll be gluing it to the back of the letter so you need extra fabric to wrap-around.
686I used my hot glue gun but you could use spray adhesive, Elmers, or even mod podge all the same in order to stick the batting down. I did some scribble lines of hot glue, than stuck the batting right onto it and sorta stretched it into other areas. It’s important that you make the batting clumps as even and smooth as possible otherwise your letter will come out looking all lumpy & bumpy and, well, that’s never cute. Once I was happy with the batting coverage I began gluing the fabric on. I started with the outer edge and worked left-to-right. I did a line of hot glue down the side, than quickly adhered the fabric to it. Than you just go around the perimeter gluing and sticking the fabric down. Be sure to pull the fabric tight so that it’s not loose and it holds the batting down really giving it a soft fun puffy look.

Once the letter was complete I trimmed the excess fabric off & mod podged the back so that no fabric shredding would I occur. I used the 3M double stick wall hanging strips & put 3 on the back (use as many as you need to make the letter stick flat onto the wall and not wobble or look uneven).

I hung her P up above her changing table (which I am praying will be gone soon!) & nestled a little dolly into the loop of the P so that it looks like she’s just hanging out dangling her legs. I thought it was a cute touch =)






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