Custom Stairs + Wallpaper {DIY Home Decor}

I have every intention to post about the huge remodel that we did on our home with details of all of the custom and DIY projects, however, I am lagging like crazy on so many posts that I am just lucky to get anything up on here! But, do stay tuned for a couple of consecutive posts that will be all about our new playroom/Poppy’s big girl room, Hudson’s new bedroom, and a couple of other rooms that got a complete facelift. All which have details about the inexpensive and/or DIY projects I did within them.

In the meantime, I wanted to write about one of my favorite parts of our remodel; our custom staircase. We are very fortunate to have my dad, one of the best most innovative contractors, as our contractor for our remodel. Aside from being the smartest man I know, he is so unbelievably talented that I am constantly in awe of him and his work. Our home was a 1-level townhouse up until about 9 months ago when we added a 2nd story on. Yes, we added a 2nd story. We had a huge attic space that wasn’t only large in square footage but it was tall. My dad had the perfect vision to convert this into additional living space – and that he did. You’ll see the transformation in posts to come. So, in doing this remodel he had to build custom regulation stairs to get from the ground floor upstairs. We removed a coat closet & the furnace closet so that the stairs could be in our hallway and take up as little room as possible.

Closet Removal

*Please ignore my paint testing on the walls in the left picture – I knew the wall would come out 😉 *

Spiral Staircase Construction 070 074 075 076

 It is considered a spiral staircase but they are unlike any spiral staircase I have ever seen! They’re awesome. Everyone who saw them after first being built was so concerned about how narrow & steep they are, but, Poppy has mastered them just fine! To soften the steps for the kids – and in case of those occasional falls – we went with a tan carpet on the actual step, but, since I hate carpet I just refused to have it on the riser as well. We will soon have no carpet in any room of the house (we are doing hardwood throughout) so I didn’t want this random carpeted staircase sticking out like a sore thumb. I decided to wallpaper the stair riser so that they would be fun and funky & really pop.
Wallpapered stairs 587 (2)We had the luxury & ease of being able to wallpaper the risers before the carpet was installed. This made things a lot easier so that the wallpaper could be perfectly smooth and have  really nice seams without the carpet getting in the way. On the other hand, this is tricky because if the carpet installer isn’t careful, they could scratch or tear the wallpaper. I found my wallpaper on Amazon and spent just $35 on it. I used maybe half the roll which is great so that should we have to replace a piece we have plenty of extra. I used a wallpaper stock (plain white wall paper) behind the patterned so that it would smooth the surface of the wood riser before applying the fancy wallpaper. I measured each stair & cut each piece out. I left a little extra on top, bottom, and the sides so that we could cut off the extra in a clean-cut once it was applied. Both processes of applying the paper is just like wallpapering a normal wall. The wallpaper I chose is washable, too. I have 2 little ones, let’s be smart here!

Carpeted Stairs*Please note, the balusters were removed to apply the carpet – safety is important with kids so this will NOT be left open!*

& Finally, the carpet was installed! For 9 stairs plus a landing it took the guy about 6 hours. And, I am SO happy to say; he didn’t hurt the wallpaper! Woot woot!  To better protect my purty wallpaper from the dirt, grime, and potential coloring of my 2-year old, I decided to Mod Podge the wallpaper. I used the Mod Podge Luster so that it would provide some shine. I did 2 coats to be safe. Finished Stairs w/Mod PodgeMod Podge Wallpaper Stairs

I plan on taking a picture of the completed stairs with the handrails and all of the balusters. Stay tuned for that pretty picture!!!

*TIP OF THE DAY* When mod podging the wallpaper, use a soft & fine brush. If it is a coarse paintbrush it will leave an uneven finish. Also, I kept a slightly damp cotton rag & wiped the brush off before doing each stair. This helps to prevent carpet fuzz, dog hair, your 2-year-olds glitter, etc to get into the glue




15 thoughts on “Custom Stairs + Wallpaper {DIY Home Decor}

  1. Michelle Owens says:

    Hi – we are in desperate need of a staircase exactly like this! Would it be possible to get more information from you (or your talented dad) about how to build it? Please, and thanks!

    • pinsandpetals says:

      HI Michelle,
      Thank you for commenting. Where are you located? Are you working with a contractor/architect already? Do you have pictures of the space you’re trying to build the staircase? I can definitely see if I can gather some information for you about the custom staircase. I can tell you one thing; it was not easy! I remember the countless nights he spent drawing up different arrangements and dimensions, not too mention seeing him spend so many hours cutting each and every step to it’s exact dimension to make it work. He is extremely talented to say the least! It also took a lot of permits and inspections from the City to ensure that it was up-to-code and safe. I am sure my dad would love to help in any way!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I was wondering how much space it actually took up at the base. We or rather I am considering finishing our attic out for a master bedroom since after living here for 5 years apparently I’d lose 13000 on selling our small home. I figure I need to make it larger and expanding out isn’t and option so I’m going up.

    • pinsandpetals says:

      I totally understand. At the time we did our remodel I was pregnant with baby #2 and our home was just 2 bedrooms and selling/buying new wasn’t an option. This addition has helped tremendously!! It’s a whole lot more work than I had anticipated needing to be done but again, so worth it. The stairs are approximately 4’x4′ at the base. It took my dad (contractor) forever to perfect the stairs and their measurements to meet all codes while still looking nice and not being standard metal spiral stairs or super steep ones. Hope that helps!

    • pinsandpetals says:

      Hi Katy! Thanks for contacting me. The Modpodge has held up great. I’ve been able to wipe it down with a damp wash cloth & antibacterial wipes to clean them up with no problem. And, a magic wafer has cleaned off shoe scuff marks also. So convenient. For the wallpaper we used wallpaper glue to adhere it initially. Hope that helps!

  3. Erin says:

    Hi I was wondering if it isn’t to personal of a question how much did this roughly cost you to do?? We want to do a spiral staircase like this as well but curious about cost. Thank you

    • pinsandpetals says:

      Hi Erin. It is hard to provide an estimate only because it coincided with a huge remodel (converting attic space to vaulted ceilings and an open 300sqft loft). Altogether the entire remodel was roughly in the $15,000 range. Bare in mind, that was with my dads construction company/crew. So an outside contractor could likely be substantially more. If I had to break it down I would say that the stairs were just a small fraction of that as they were fabricated by hand by my dad. Since they are wood (covered in carpet) it’s not as expensive as doing a metal staircase, however, it is quite time-consuming to draw out and figure out the exact dimensions/plans, and then fabricate everything so time/labor might be a bit pricey dependent upon your contractor. But as I said, they are made out of wood (as pictured) and that in itself doesn’t cost too much. Things like the brackets, etc are metal and may add up but not that much. I would estimate maybe $2,000 for this portion of the job if I had to. I’m sorry I could not be more precise for you. Where do you live?

  4. Teresa Scarberry says:

    Interested in doing something like this in my basement what’s the dimensions? My husband is very handy around the house and has remodeled our whole house.
    Thank you
    My email is

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