LOVE Wreath {DIY Valentines Day Decor}

I’m not normally one to decorate for Holidays, mostly because I cannot stand clutter & having ‘stuff’ out just collecting dust for a month. I know, I sound like a bah-humbug. But, I’m not. I just am not a tchotchke kind of girl. However, I am finding that as the babes are getting older and are more aware of Holidays it is probably time to start with some light decorating to help get everyone in the spirit of the Holiday.

I like fun wreaths to hang on the front door & it’s the perfect decoration for me because I don’t have to see it constantly, except when I am checking for packages on the door step… which does seem like a daily occurrence 😉 I previously made Poppy’s Birthday Wreath and a sweet Easter Wreath (which reminds me, it’s time to  bring that back out!) and what I love about both wreaths is that they’re not the typical wreath. If you follow this blog you probably have realized that I don’t like the typical and I strive for uniqueness. It’s a bad habit.

For Valentines Day, the hubs was out-of-town for business for the week so the extent of decorating and celebrating with the kids was the wreath on the door & Chinese food with my parents. Thankfully my wreath was the perfect amount of decoration for me. Here’s how it turned out & how I made it…

Love Wreath Finished


This wreath was pretty quick to make. The only issue I had was that my hot glue gun just wasn’t doing the job and wouldn’t keep the letters together. So, I got creative (& frustrated) and whipped out the staple gun. Stapling the letters together was definitely a quicker method so that was OK with me. I should note that obviously the wreath can be made in any color & with any letters, etc. This just happens to be a Valentines Day themed wreath.

You’ll need:

Letters of your choice
Spray Paint
Staple Gun
Sand Paper
A surface to spray paint on


Lightly sand all letters, lay them out so that they aren’t touching. Spray one even coat on all letters. Let set until tacky. Spray a second coat on all of the letters.

Painted Letters
 I wanted to do something fun for the ribbon so I used 3 pieces of 36″ (1 yard) long wired red and white heart print ribbon and braided them all together.I stapled the ribbon on two sides at my desired length.

Braided RibbonRibbon Stapled

I tied a sweet big bow with an additional 24″ piece of the same ribbon on the top. I did this for two reasons; 1) it would finish it off and 2) It would be the base for me to add an additional piece in order for it to hang. In order to hang it, I used a very thin piece of red ribbon and tied it horizontally onto the back of the knot from the bow. I tied it tight with a double knot. This is what will hang on the hook on the door. *see the 2nd picture below*



photo (3)photo (2)

And voila! A cute & simple super easy DIY Valentines day “wreath”.

*TIP* Make sure that you make it so that your peep-hole is still functional and not blocked by a letter or ribbon. Safety first, ladies!




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