Fabric Quarter Toddler Skirts pt.1 {DIY Toddler Clothes}

Poppy in her ruffle skirt


Lord. If she isn’t the cutest little girl, ever… Ok, OK, I know I am just a proud bragging mama. But seriously, she’s gorgeous. And look at her modeling on that chaise lounge in Starbucks. Girl knows how to work! Also, check the skirt. It’s super cute, right?!? It cost me a whopping $7.00 & 25 minutes to make. Hallelujah  that’s a quick deal =)

Supplies needed:
(2) 18″x21″ Fabric Quarters from your local fabric store – I bought mine at JoAnn’s on sale for $1.99/each
(1) Non roll 1/4″ elastic  – Also from JoAnn’s on sale for $2.50

I cut the fabric & the elastic. Cut one fabric in half so that you have (2) 18″x10.5″ pieces. Cut the other fabric to 18″x5″  because it will be used as the peplum/ruffle. Cut the elastic to 18″, also.

Fabric & Elastic pieces


I sewed the two short ends together of the pink fabric to begin the skirt. Than I folded the fabric down 1/4″ and sewed that as it will house the elastic. Once I had the long strip, I hemmed the ends and the inner seams. I did the same with the peplum piece, as well.  Than I sewed the short peplum/ruffle onto the skirt base. Only sew at the top. I left 1/4″ of the ruffle fabric on top of the seam just to add a little ruffle. Pinning a safety-pin to the elastic I threaded it through the casing on the skirt base. Pin the elastic/skirt on the short end. Sew the skirt/elastic down the 11″ side – this will create the skirt. Adjust the fabric so that it is evenly bunched up and ruffled.

Note: I used my serger to make life easier, however, you could use a basic hem.

Sewed edge


Once the skirt is complete  you can sew another stitch around both fabrics to ensure they stay ruffled.



And, my adorable little model rockin’ her ruffle/peplum skirt with her Starbucks smoothie…







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