Chevron Melted Crayon Art {DIY Playroom Decor}



I love crayons. I love all of their pretty colors. I love how they smell. I love all of the potential that they hold for beautiful art.  Because of my love for crayons, I was sucked in to the “crayon art” craze. I wish I was the one who thought of this awesome colorful idea!! Alas, I didn’t invent it but I did my own version of it and that’s sorta like inventing it, right? Yeah… I’ll keep thinking that.

For the new playroom I wanted very bright, colorful, and fun decor and I wanted as much of it made by myself as possible. For the crayon art all I needed was a canvas, 3 big boxes of crayons, spray paint, and a heat gun. A hairdryer could be used instead of a heat gun, however, my hairdryer is crucial in my life so I was not willing to risk blowing it up for the sake of art.

I spray painted the 20×30 canvas with a glossy bright orange:

Spray Painted CanvasWhile the canvas was drying I obsessively organized the crayons by color than by shade. Once they were organized I started to align them in a chevron pattern to get a feel for how it would look:

Color coded crayonsOnce I decided I liked the layout, I would lift a crayon and apply a strip of hot glue and then put the crayon back down. It was important to make sure that all of the crayons stayed close together and in their spot. I glued every crayon down.

Glued Crayons Love the ROYGBIV Chevron pattern! I plugged in my heat gun (industrial) and held it about 1″ away from a section of crayons for about a minute and just went across the row at the same pace. This started the melting process. I then went back from the beginning for a second and third time melting some sections more so that they would drip more/better. I wanted the drippings to be scattered to create good dimension.

Melted Crayon Art

Look at how fun & pretty it is!!! I love how it turned out. The orange section towards the right didn’t show up too well because of the canvas color, but that’s ok. The fabulous art is now hanging in the playroom – but I am waiting until the playroom is 100% complete before I show all of the rooms details. So, stay tuned for a shot of the art hanging up.




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