DIY Canvas Art {Nursery Decor}


With my baby boy, Hudson, due in 4 weeks I am finally cracking down and getting projects done for his room. Hudson’s room isn’t done yet (see other posts about our construction) so I am doing everything that I can now so once his room is complete it’s just a matter of painting and decorating. I will be posting pictures of his room and all of my DIY decorating crafts once his room is complete. For now, the items are photographed throughout the house! ha.

Hudson’s room is a monster theme & though I don’t normally do themes for rooms, I felt like his room needed a bright and colorful theme that was not baby-ish. Monsters are fun & cute & boyish without being the stereotypical sports, trains, and cars. I don’t do typical 😉

I had a friend create this print for me on her computer based on my colors scheme and Monster theme, and then she had it printed on a 16×20 photo-quality paper.

I wanted this to go on a canvas but did not want to spend the big money for it knowing that I could make it myself. I picked up a few supplies from the local JoAnns in order to make this a canvas:


1 Canvas (16×20)
1 Tube acrylic paint (Orange!!)
1 Paint brush (I went with the size of the canvas border)
*Not pictured*
1 Sponge Brush
1 Bottle of ModPodge
1 Art Print (16×20 for exact size)


I didn’t do a wrapped canvas because that would just be too much white and sorta plain for my liking so I decided to paint the edges of the canvas to give it a fun pop of color. I used orange acrylic paint because it gives a thick & streak-free layer and is great on canvas. I debated painting a border on the front of the canvas, also, but ultimately thought that the peekaboo sides would be really fun. I did one  coat of the orange, let it dry, than did a second coat. I tried to keep it on the sides only and not on the front at all just in case it would show through the print or leave some edges bumpy or raised a bit.

Once the sides were dry I taped the art print to the canvas so that I could trim any sides that were slightly bigger.


The art print and canvas were finally a great fit so I painted a thin layer of ModPodge onto the canvas and centered the art print onto it. I gently lifted the sides of the art print and put a little extra ModPodge on the corners and around the edges to ensure it was secured on there. I let the canvas/print dry for a couple of hours and double-checked to make sure it wasn’t lifting anywhere. I didn’t want to put a layer of ModPodge on top of the print or all over the print & canvas but that is definitely an option.

I love how this DIY Print Canvas turned out and I think it’ll look amazing once it is hanging on Hudson’s walls. Stay tuned for those pictures!



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