Fresh Plum & Blueberry Tarts {Healthy and Delicious Dessert}

Delicious. That about sums up these light & fruity treats. My friend/neighbor has a giant plum-tree in her yard and gave me a bag full of ripe plums to do with as I please. After making some plum & mixed fruit popsicle for the little one (which were a huge hit!) I decided to make … Continue reading Fresh Plum & Blueberry Tarts {Healthy and Delicious Dessert}

Creating a Slipcover {DIY Upholstery Project}

Well, I've been MIA for a while now... that's what happens when you're 7 months pregnant, a stay at home mom to an 18 month old, have major construction going on at your house, AND am preparing crafts of all sorts for the new space and the new baby. Life is hectic. Oh, and my … Continue reading Creating a Slipcover {DIY Upholstery Project}