Fancying Up the Bedroom {DIY Home}

My house is currently under construction & in the very near future the construction will be expanding into additional parts of my house. I love what we’re doing and what we will be doing but oh holy moley, it is SO difficult to 1) push through the dirt & dust, 2) continue life with a toddler, 2 dogs, and pregnant with a house full of noise & chaos and 3) wait. And WAIT some more. And try to wait patiently. Ack! I just want it to all be done so that I can get everyone’s space decorated and ready. In the meantime I am focusing on the rooms that I can and planning planning planning for the other rooms.

The goal for our master-bedroom is romance. Sexy. Chic. Sophisticated. And a bit edgy. I love edgy. I love black. And I really love the idea of having a space for the hubs & I that is for us only, because lets face it, with a toddler and a baby on the way – our privacy is slowly dwindling more and more! I painted our entire bedroom a warm matte antique ivory and to add some drama (and all of the above adjectives) I painted all of the baseboard, window trim, and door trims a shiny black. Yes. Black. It is perfect. I will soon be painting the interior doors of the room (closet, bathroom and back of bedroom door) black, also. And, we will be installing crown molding and yes, that will be black, too. To add some fancy details to the chic black trim I took a trip to Home Depot to see what inexpensive details I could add. They had these great wooden scroll architectural pieces that were just $10.00 each. I bought 2 of them. I also grabbed a can of black spray paint.


I painted the scrolls outside on a drop-cloth and did 2 coats per scroll. They came out beautifully.

Once the paint was dry I was ready to hang them. I didn’t want to use a nail gun or anything permanent to hang them so I used my trusty earthquake-wax. I smeared a strip down the center and a dollop on each side of the back of the scrolls. I climbed up the latter and with some strength pushed them firmly right above the doors in the center.


Once the scrolls were up I stood back and eyed them and adjusted their placement as needed. They are so gorgeous. I love them. They add a really fancy & pretty element to the room which I adore. Here are two of the doors (The 3rd needed an additional coat of paint so it went up later)

**Please note in the following pictures that as I mentioned, we are under construction! The bathroom in the first picture is almost complete (which I’ll post pictures of upon completion) and in the second picture you’ll see my paint-color-testing wall (the wall will eventually be knocked-out)

As a recap:

Wooden Scrolls from Home Depot $10.16 each
Can of Spray Paint $1.00
Earthquake Wax $5.00
Drop-cloth to paint them on
Latter to assist in hanging them

Altogether it was a cheap & quick project.

I love them! They’re so pretty! And they will really help to build the overall theme and feel of the room.





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