Hanging Phone Holder {DIY Upcycle Craft}

I have finally figured out an easy and inspiring way to recycle; Upcycle! I often look at things as I am throwing them out and think of ways that I can make them useful; glass & mason jars = hanging storage in my craft area, covered cans = pencil holders & plant holders, and now, empty soap containers = hanging phone holders!

I have seen this around here and there and thought I’d just wing it on my own and see what I can come up with. It was really quick and easy to make and so simple to personalize. I definitely have ways to improve this project and learned some lessons along the way (re: a straight-edge is really, very sharp!). But honestly, this is so easy to make in any variation that one is capable of.


1 Empty & Clean plastic bottle – this shape works best
1 Sharpie for marking
1 straight edge knife
1 Sponge brush
Sand paper – high grit
Mod Podge
Flexible light-weight fabric – less than 1/4 yard is needed & scraps are fine

I cleaned out the soap bottle first and you can use this time to remove any labels that are on it. I used a sharpie (fine tip) to draw out the shape that I wanted on the bottle. With the straight edge knife, cut around the shape carefully.I recommend cutting away as much of the curved part (near the top) as possible as it makes it difficult to get a phone in and out and nestling otherwise. Cut a square (or whatever shape) the size & shape of the charger that you’re using. Once you’re satisfied with the cut & shape, sand the bottle. Sand the cut sides as they may be a bit sharp or rough and sand the whole bottle so that the fabric and Mod Podge adhere more easily. Sand it enough that you can feel the rough texture all over the bottle – yes, inside and out. Once it is sanded it’s important to brush off all of the excess dust so that it doesn’t form a barrier with the glue and fabric and so it doesn’t leave any lumps or bumps under it. I used the sponge brush to put glue on one side of the bottle first and then put it in the middle of the fabric, smoothing it out and wrapping it around. As I continued to wrap I put more glue in each section. I trimmed the fabric once it was wrapped smoothly & tightly around the outside only. I did a rough measure on the left over fabric for the inside of the bottle, glued the inside, and then neatly tucked the fabric and smoothed it out. Let the fabric dry. It will dry hard due to the Mod Podge. Once it is dry, cut around the small square where it rests on the charger.

A side-note: I cut a small hole in the back so that the charger can go in the bottom and the phone can sit a little more easily. This is a nice feature but makes it difficult when hanging the holder on the charger (see picture).

It turned out really cute and just took about an hour to make (excluding the glue-drying time).





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