The Start of Summer Treats! {Homemade Popsicles!}

It’s California. The very beginning of June. And it’s 80+ degrees; and that will definitely NOT be the hottest day by far. This weather calls for delicious cool snacks. Popsicles are all the rage these days so I decided to take a stab at making some. I know everyone is all-abuzz over the Zoku Quick Pop Maker but I sort of feel like it’s just another gimmick. And let’s face it; you either make delicious popsicles or you don’t… the gadgets shouldn’t make that big of a difference. Don’t get me wrong, the speediness of this popsicle maker is amazing and tempting but I’d rather be able to make twice as many (at least) of the same or different flavors & keep them in freezer and have them take a couple of hours to set than only make 3 in a fraction of the time.

I bought a basic popsicle mold set off of Amazon so that I didn’t have a lot of money invested in this project in case I hated it or something. These molds were super easy to use. I loved how I could store them individually covered in the freezer for future consumption and they’re pretty good-sized, too. I give them a 2-thumbs up! Plus, they’re cheap enough to be able to buy a couple of sets for multiple flavors being frozen at once!

Now, onto my first attempt…

Let me first start off by giving this new-found tip; using 0% Greek Yogurt is NOT a good idea. HIGHLY discourage it. It makes them taste chalky once frozen. Not good. I prefer Greek Yogurt over regular so I don’t know if fat-free regular yogurt does the same thing. So, I would recommend 2% Greek Yogurt to avoid that gross chalky aftertaste.

Ok, now the recipe:

As you all know, I love mixing unique flavors and especially love the sweet & savory combination for normally very-sweet things. I previously posted about my Blueberry, Goat Cheese & Basil pie (LOVE LOVE LOVE) so I decided to do a play on that for the popsicle! It’s very similar minus the pie-ingredients.

Blueberry, Basil, and Goat Cheese Popsicles

1 container fresh Blueberries *You could use a little more if you want major blueberry flavor*
8 Basil Leaves chopped
1 TBLSPN granulated sugar *You could add more if you like sweeter*
1 cup Greek Yogurt (DO NOT USE 0%)
2 TBLSPN Goat Cheese

Throw it all in a blender or a Cuisinart. Blend until the consistency you’d prefer; I like a little bit of blueberry chunks in it. Pour into molds leaving about 1/4″ at the top since it expands as it freezes. This recipe made 4. Put in the freezer – upright in the tray – for 3 hours minimum. They may be a bit difficult to remove so I ran them under really hot water for about 5 seconds on each side and they popped right out.




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