Crafting Hiatus… Sorta

I’m back, finally! I was on a personal-crafting hiatus as I was very dedicated to a project I took on for a friend. And what a project it was. I made a removable cover for her bench cushion that measures roughly 7.5 feet by 2 feet and was a half hexagon shape. The sheer size almost killed me! I have a great amount of craft space but cutting, sewing, and ironing fabric that long was tough. It took me far longer than I anticipated but partially due to a lack of nanny, work, and being pregnant (and very tired) with #2. But, I was very happy with how it turned out (the SECOND time around) and I was particularly prod of my 18″ hidden zipper!

Oh, and, BIG reminder to all of you; measure twice, cut once. CRUCIAL!

Here is the finished product:


This is a bigger version of the seat cushion tutorial I provided previously.

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