Refurbished Knife Block Project {DIY Kitchen Decor}

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen… maybe too much. While in the kitchen there are some cooking tools that I see out on the counter far too frequently & they start to annoy me. I am a clutter-free cook… and a clutter-free person in general. I HATE having ‘stuff’ on my counters! I try to keep most everything I can in the small cupboard space I have, but some things just can’t be hidden – like my knife block. We got our knife set for our wedding and I love it. I love how it’s easily accessible, far out of reach for Poppy, and keeps everything neatly contained. However, I hate how obtrusive it is; just this giant big block of wood with the ever-so subtle logo on the front [insert deep sarcasm]. Being used so much the wooden block was starting to fade a bit and really, it was just starting to bother me with its’ ugliness. So I decided to refurbish it. I had everything I needed on hand which made this a FREE project. My favorite kind of DIY projects!! All you need is sandpaper, newspaper (or a drop cloth), spray painted, and latex gloves if you would prefer to keep your gorgeous mani perfect. (I highly recommend the gloves!)

I cleaned the block than sanded it, first. I would recommend sanding it a lot more than I did simply because that black lacquer is a major pain in the booty when it comes to the paint drying smoothly and evenly on top of it. I definitely should have sanded it down to the wood all over. Ooops. After you’re done sanding, brush all of the sanded paint off with a clean dry brush (or paper towel or rag). Now, set up your paint area and prepare to apply the first coat of spray paint. The first coat should be light. This will allow it to dry quicker and work as a primer. If you do the first coat full & thick it has a tendency to make all of the remainder coats bubble up or leave drip marks. I applied the first coat, than sanded it lightly. Applied another coat, sanded it lightly to smooth out and bubbles, lump, bumps, etc. Than I applied another 2 thicker coats without any sanding in-between and finished it off with a glossy clear final coat.

If you’re a monogram-fan, you can hand paint, use a sticker, or make a monogram out of vinyl with a Cricut to put on the front or even the sides. I am just not a huge “cover my house in monograms” type of girl so I opted to leave the block plain. You could also do a word or a symbol, too.

Quick, easy, and free – perfect project! And, it makes my kitchen a little prettier, too!



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