Mini Chicken Pot Pies {Easy Chicken Recipe pt. 3}

This is the third and final recipe stemming from my Crock Pot Chicken recipe post. I saw this recipe for Chicken Pot Pie muffins on Pinterest and I just had to make it with my left-over chicken from my whole chicken a few nights prior. The muffins were delicious, BUT, I must say, the mini pot pies that I made in the small ramekins were divine. They were more reminiscent of the chicken pot pies I remember eating at Knott’s Berry Farm back in the day. Mmmmmmmm!

I used SnapGuide on my iPhone to create the “How To” on making the muffins – you can find that here:

And for the mini pot pies in the ramekins, it’s quite simple; I put the chicken & veggie mixture int he ramekins, topped it with the yummy Pillsbury biscuit, and baked it at 400 for 25 minutes. Seriously Delicious!!!! Try it out.



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