Iced Coffee Obsession {Trying new products!}

I cannot lie. I am a coffee fiend. I probably could use a 12-step program. Even being pregnant with #2 cannot stop me! Prior to getting pregnant I was on a triple-shot-a-day habit via Starbucks. It’s how I function. It’s how I am productive. It’s how I survive on minimal sleep with a career, a (now) toddler, 2 dogs, a home to keep up, a hubs to make nightly dinner for and blah blah blah. With all of that being said, I have to admit; I HATE hot coffee. Maybe it’s because I cannot slam it down as quickly. Or maybe it’s because living in California a hot drink is really only doable 4 months out of the year. Either way, Iced Coffees is where it is at. Since my Starbucks addiction can get a bit pricey I have decided to venture out (at least a few days a week) to try to save a few bucks. I saw a commercial for a new iced coffee product from the makers of International delight and ran out the next day to track it down.

Success! And, it’s pretty good, too. My only complaint is that it needs more coffee. I just don’t taste enough of it. That’s where these little beauties come in:

SO cute, right!?! It’s a (large) coffee bean-shaped ice-cube tray mold! You simply make your own coffee * I use espresso whole coffee beans in  my machine*, pour it in, freeze it, and pop them out into your drink for more coffee & a fun way to keep your drink cold without getting watered down by normal ice. HEAVENLY!




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